What we’re reading: empowering children’s books with black characters

I’m always on the lookout for great children’s books, especially books featuring a diverse cast of characters. Sweetpea is always looking for people and characters who look like her, and we think it’s so important for our kids to see themselves in the stories we read. We’ve always loved Snowy Day, For You Are a Kenyan Child, and Whoever You Are, and I’m on the lookout for even more books featuring black or mixed-race characters that Sweetpea and Sugarplum can identify with. Here are a few in my shopping cart right now…

Rapunzel Continue reading

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Learning Swahili with my kids: World Moms Blog


I have every reason in the world to learn Swahili. It’s one of my husband’s mother tongues (though Kikuyu is his real mother tongue, as he will tell you). It’s one of the official languages of the country I call home. And a few years ago, a new compelling reason came along: our first-born child… Continue reading

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Things I love about home – the “SprayGround”


I adore living in Kenya, but every year when we visit family and friends in the U.S., I’m reminded of how amazing it is there, too. This morning we took the girls to the “SprayGround,” a FREE water play area near my mom’s house. What an amazing place! Continue reading

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We made it!


Last week I flew on my own with both girls all the way to the US. Yet another epic journey. Flying with both girls on my own went surprisingly well. Continue reading

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Happy weekend!


Happy Friday, everyone! Sugarplum, Sweetpea and I are on our way to the U.S. to visit my family for the summer. The weather has been so cold and grim in Nairobi, and I can’t wait to enjoy some summer heat and sunshine! Continue reading

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What we’re reading: Enid Blyton’s short stories


We started reading chapter books to Sweetpea earlier this year, and she loves them. She’s only 4 years old, though, and it can be challenging to find books that are appropriate for her age. We picked up a collection of short stories by Enid Blyton at Text Book Centre a few months ago, and Sweetpea has been devouring them. Continue reading

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Gizani: Dining in the dark

Gizani black box

Have you heard of Gizani, Dining in the Dark? Hubby and I went on Friday night, and it was SO INTERESTING! Gizani (Kiswahili for “In the Dark”) is a totally unique dining experience in Kenya. In fact, it’s not just a dining experience, but a more of a sensory and social experience where you dine in complete darkness, guided and served by blind and visually impaired servers. It might sound weird, but it was truly fantastic! Continue reading

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We love our balance bike

FullSizeRender 5

I didn’t know this, but apparently there is a great debate in the parenting world: balance bike vs training wheels. I had no idea. But it turns out we are Team Balance Bike in our house. A balance bike is a simple bicycle, with no pedals and no training wheels. Balance bikes are supposed to help children learn how to ride a bike by focusing on balancing and steering, rather than learning how to pedal. Balance bikes are usually quite small, so that even very young children can walk the bicycle while sitting in the seat with both feet flat on the ground. Continue reading

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Camping at Tiwi Beach


Jesse and I loved camping even before we had kids, though we do it much more often (and we’re way better at it!) now that we’ve got a family. One place we always loved camping was at Twiga Lodge, Tiwi Beach. Continue reading

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Climb BlueSky – indoor rock climbing in Nairobi


During our last camping trip a few weeks ago, Sweetpea spent most of the weekend scrambling around the boulders by our campsite, and she was really good at it! This weekend we took her to Nairobi’s indoor rock climbing wall at Climb BlueSky, Diamond Plaza to work on her climbing skills! Continue reading

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