Guest post on World Moms Blog!


I’m featured this week on World Moms Blog, a website that hosts writers from over twenty countries around the world writing about motherhood, culture, human rights and social good. I’m so happy to contribute to their site!

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Starting your own kitchen garden


One of the things we were most excited about when we moved into our house three years ago was having some space to start a kitchen garden in our back yard. We weren’t exactly sure where to begin, so we called the amazing Paul from Kalimoni Greens. He came over, surveyed our space, and gave us a proposal for a starter garden. Continue reading

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Charcoal oven pizza catering

How's that for bush pizza? Oscar and Albert's ingenious charcoal pizza oven...

How’s that for bush pizza? Oscar and Albert’s ingenious charcoal pizza oven…

You may remember about a year ago, I wrote about Albert and Oscar, two innovative pizza caterers who served us amazing pizzas on one of our camping trips. I love what these guys are doing – they’ve come up with a truly original idea, and they do an incredible job. Continue reading

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Kids’ rollerblading lessons


When we were starting the new school term, a friend and I decided to try to add an extracurricular activity for our kids one day per week. We started off with rollerblading lessons, and we were amazed at what our 3 year old kids could do! Continue reading

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Wonderful world of Google…


Google Kenya Independence 2011

Some blogger friends of mine once posted about bizarre internet search terms that led people to their blog, Towels Packed, Will Travel. I got such a kick out of the post, that I decided to round up my own wacky Internet search terms that have brought readers to my blog. Continue reading

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When Daddy travels…


Jesse travels a lot for work. Like A LOT. I’ve never been a fan of all the business travel, but with two kids it’s been much more difficult, especially in the early months after Sugarplum was born. Being on my own with the girls gave me a whole new respect for single parents. They are GODS. I’ve come up with some coping mechanisms to get through the time when he’s away. Here are my best tips… Continue reading

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My complicated pregnancy

Watermarked Photo pregnancy 04 37 wks

My pregnancy and birth experiences with Sweetpea and Sugarplum were completely different. I had a very easy, uncomplicated pregnancy with Sweetpea. Everything went by-the-book, and I had no problems. (Her delivery was another matter – VERY medical.) The second time around, my pregnancy was complicated, and it scared me to death. Continue reading

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Our camping packing checklist!

Watermarked Photo Camping 09

I’ve been promising myself for ages to draft a packing list for when we go camping – an exhaustive list of what we may need, that can be tailored or trimmed depending on the trip. Well, here it is! A draft of it at least. I suspect I will be coming back to this post over and over to edit the list… Continue reading

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Babywearing gear – cooling towels and a rearview mirror


I always do a lot of babywearing on our camping trips, and this weekend was no exception. It was really hot and dry, and Sugarplum is a HOT baby, so when it was time for her nap, I stripped her down, wrapped her up, and went for a walk. Continue reading

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Celebrate reading!


It turns out this week was a big week for celebrating reading: March 4th was World Read Aloud Day, and March 5th was World Book Day! If you’ve been here long enough, you know that we’re a big fans of reading to our kids. We have a pretty extensive library of children’s books, from baby board books to longer stories, and now chapter books for Sweetpea. Continue reading

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