Holiday photos: Thanksgiving in Tiwi


Last weekend we went to Tiwi to celebrate Thanksgiving. We spent four incredible days watching the kids play, swimming in our shady pool, and eating our weight in delicious fresh seafood! Those of you who follow me on social media will know that we had a pretty harrowing end to our trip when we were forced to spend the night in Mombasa airport, but I’ll save that tale for another post! As always, our time in Tiwi was pure magic. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see!


One of my favorite things about this house is that the pool had plenty of shade. I don’t mind spending all day in the pool as long as we’re not in the blazing sunshine! The kids loved the waterslide, landing each time with a huge splash! I also started to teach the girls how to dive, which made me one proud mama…


And, get this, now that Heidi sleeps better, we actually saw more sunsets than sunrises! What a change! (Yay sleep training!) I do love a good sunrise, but I also love getting to lay in bed for a while when on holiday… 🙂

img_2377 img_2410 img_2415 img_2452 img_2462

While many beach houses on the Kenyan coast are high up on rocky cliffs with little beach access, this house was right on the beach. And, even better, there were lots of palm trees and tons of shade! We spent the late afternoons by the ocean, watching the sunset while the kids built (and destroyed) sandcastles.

img_2408 img_2404 img_2400 img_2397

As is our holiday tradition, we had an huge Thanksgiving feast of grilled lobster, along with my traditional apple pie! We also got the kids in the festive spirit by making handprint turkeys, something I think I did every single Thanksgiving at school.


What an amazing holiday! Tiwi, you’ll always be our favorite. We can’t wait to go back!

PS – Thanksgiving 2015 in Watamu, and camping on the beach.

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Kids in conversation

Funny stuff my kids say

Do your kids make you laugh with the funny stuff they say? Heidi has been getting more and more chatty lately, and has been surprising us with her observations. Meanwhile, Claire seems to be getting more grown up every day. Here are a few funnies they’ve said recently, plus a great blast-from-the-past from Claire… Continue reading

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My daughter’s quirky bedtime habits

bedtime habits

As you all know, Heidi’s sleep has never been easy. Thankfully, things greatly improved earlier this year when we finally broke down and hired a sleep consultant! (We got our lives back – seriously.) But Heidi is still Heidi, and she still has some peculiar bedtime habits. Continue reading

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A fun pumpkin craft to do with the kids

pumpkin craft

It’s October, which is pumpkin season in the U.S.! Therefore, I’ve been making all things pumpkin lately – pumpkin swirl brownies, pumpkin smoothies, and even pumpkin ice cream. Since Claire wanted to get in on the action, we decided to do some fun pumpkin arts and crafts. Since my mom sent me this cute pumpkin craft idea, and we couldn’t wait to give it a try! Continue reading

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Camping in Mount Kenya National Park

Mount Kenya

This weekend we packed up the car and drove up to Mount Kenya National Park for some camping. The rainforests on the slopes of Mount Kenya are stunning! Nairobi is so terribly dry these days, and it felt so good to breathe the cool, misty forest air. Continue reading

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Voting from Abroad: World Moms Network

Voting from Abroad

I’m over at World Moms Network today, writing about voting in the U.S. election and teaching my kids to be future voters. Please click through to read more!

PS – I’m off to the beach for the weekend, all alone! Stay tuned for details of this year’s mommy getaway. And if you’re in the mood to read more, check out last year’s solo trip to the beach, an amazing visit to the Africa Pool, and a spectacular mommy getaway weekend spent surrounded by zebras and giraffes!

Have a great weekend!

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What we’re reading: In the Town All Year Round

In the Town All Year Round

In the Town All Year Round is a classic in our house. It’s a book with very few words, but my kids can sit and flip through the pages for hours. We’ve had this book for years, and it gets pulled off the shelf at least once a week, and it usually results in at least 45 minutes of happy, quiet page turning. (Thanks, Tess, for the wonderful suggestion, all those years ago!) Continue reading

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Thinking about going back to work

Going back to work

So. I’ve been thinking about going back to work, after five – FIVE! – years of being a stay at home mom. At times I feel SO ready to get back out there. Other times, I fear going back to work, I dread leaving my kids, and I worry that I no longer have what it takes. Continue reading

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Happy weekend!


What are you up to this weekend? My dear friend Lindsay has been in town this week and I’ve soaked up every minute catching up with her. We miss her and her family so much! Jesse is coming back from another week of work travel, so we’re looking forward to having some much-needed family time as well. Continue reading

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Perspective: seeing your child through someone else’s eyes


Sometimes we need a bit of perspective. Claire is a wonderful kid, but she can also have quite the attitude. At times she frustrates me beyond belief, and I have to work REALLY hard not to respond in anger. (And I don’t always succeed.) Sometimes I feel like a failure. I fear I haven’t done my job in raising her to be a kind, generous, empathetic human being. Continue reading

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