Happy birthday, Heidi!

Tomorrow my baby is turning three! Heidi is becoming such a big girl, with her long legs, goofy sense of humor, and adventurous spirit. She is full of bravery and spunk, and nothing can hold this girl back! She loves riding her balance bike, reading books, and playing make-believe with her buddy Nia (they do make-believe campsites in the sand pit at school!). Heidi is sweet, funny, and nothing short of amazing!

We love our big girl so much, and can’t wait to see what she has in store for us this year! Happy birthday, sweet girl! xx

PS – Heidi at age 2, and age 1!

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What’s been keeping me so busy…

Keeping busy

It’s been a busy few weeks in the Wambugu household! It seems all the time I usually spend on the blog has been spent elsewhere these days. Here’s a quick update on what’s been keeping me busy (and away from blogging!).

Jesse and I are doing a family budgeting exercise, which has been a lot of work! We’d like to be saving more money than we are, so we’re tracking our expenses, and trying to figure out where we can change our spending habits. It’s time consuming, but it’s also such an interesting, eye-opening experience!

I’ve also been going to the gym (something Jesse wishes I would blog about, but I don’t feel entirely ready to expose that part of my life yet!), and have unfortunately suffered a couple of annoying injuries. So, between hours at the gym and hours spent at the physiotherapist, my cherished mornings of alone-time while the girls are at school have all but disappeared!

Finally, Jesse and I have been on the lookout for a new house. We actually LOVE where we live, but the rental increases have been over-the-top in the last few years, and (as our budgeting exercise has shown), we’d love to reduce our rent and use some of that money elsewhere. House hunting is exhausting! And often disappointing… But we’ve got a few more houses on the docket to visit and hopefully we’ll find something in our budget that we like! (While I’m at it, feel free to let me know if you know of any gems!)

So, my sincere apologies for dropping the ball on blogging. I promise to get back of the swing of things as soon as I can! In the meantime, if you’re in a blog reading mood, feel free to check out some of these oldies-but-goodies:

Thanks for hanging in there with me! Be back soon! 🙂

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Taking action: writing postcards to our senators back home

After the Women’s March on Nairobi, I was so full of energy and positivity. It was an incredible feeling! But the week after the march, and the inauguration, my feed was so full news about Trump’s executive orders, lies about illegal voters, a ban on Muslims, and the suspension of the refugee program, it left me with my head spinning. I didn’t even know where to direct my anger. I need to channel my energy. I want be as active as possible in U.S. political discourse, even from afar. Continue reading

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Natural deodorant – guest blogging at Hairpolitan

Do you guys read Hairpolitan Lifestyle? It’s a great online magazine covering natural hair and living, run by some pretty amazing women. Hairpolitan is all about natural hair, natural remedies and beauty products, healthy food, and keeping fit.

This month’s issue is all about going back to basics, and I contributed an article about my experiences using natural deodorant. I was surprised how great it works, and how much better I feel since I stopped using traditional antiperspirant!

Do click through and check it out! I would love to know what you think! 🙂


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Have a lovely weekend!

What are you guys up to this weekend? I’m taking a few more steps in my resolution to do more hiking. We’re thinking of doing some of the nature trails at Brackenhurst in Limuru – have any of you ever hiked there? I think we’ll pack up a picnic lunch and spend a morning on the trail!

In other news, Claire lost yet another tooth this week, and this time she put it under her pillow for the tooth fairy that same night. (She has been pretty emotional about losing her teeth, and sometimes hangs on to them for weeks before she finally decides to put them under her pillow!)

I’m so glad it’s Friday… Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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Celery salad with dates, almonds and Parmesan

celery salad recipe

This is my new favorite meal right now: celery salad with dates, almonds and parmesan. It’s delicious! This recipe is from Bon Appétit, and I actually found it on their excellent Instagram feed. I’ve made it pretty much every week since I first discovered it! It’s the perfect combination of crunch from the celery, a bit of sweetness from the dates, and a delicious tang from the lemon juice. It’s salad heaven! Continue reading

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The Women’s March on Nairobi was incredible!

I was so proud to participate in the Women’s March on Nairobi this weekend, in solidarity with women marching all over the world! We had a peaceful march through Karura Forest, making our voices heard. Thanks to all of you who came out! I haven’t seen any official estimates, but I would put the group at nearly 1,000 strong! Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see… Continue reading

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Reader survey results!

Reader Survey

Earlier this month, I finally did the first ever Mama Mgeni reader survey! I’ve wanted to do a reader survey for ages, to get a feel for what I’m doing right, what needs to be tweaked, and what you guys want to see here on the blog. Thanks to all of you who took the time to respond! Your responses were so interesting, helpful, and entertaining – and reading what you had to say was really fun! Here’s a peek at the results, if you’re curious. Continue reading

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Camping and adventuring in Hell’s Gate

Hell's Gate

This weekend we went camping at Hell’s Gate National Park in Naivasha and had a blast! It’s been ages since we last visited the park, and I’ve been dying to check out the geothermal spa at Olkaria gate, so we decided to give it a go. I forgot how beautiful and special Hell’s Gate is! For details on camping there, check out this excellent post by the Kenyan Camper. And here are a few photos, if you’d like to see! Continue reading

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Amazing training opportunities for your nanny!

As a stay at home mom, I have spent many afternoons outside with the girls while they played and explored. As such, I have really gotten to know all the nannies in our neighborhood. This gave me a window into the life and work of a nanny that not all parents get to see. I know good nannies, and not-so-good nannies. Nannies who encourage children to play and learn, and nannies who take over and do the activities FOR the child. Nannies who motivate children, and nannies who discourage them (even inadvertently). Having seen a whole spectrum of nanny skill sets, I realize how important it is to provide proper training for our children’s caretakers. Continue reading

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