First Aid training in Nairobi

First Aid 39

We recently sent our housekeeper, Florence, to a First Aid training course with my good friend Lindsay. She runs regular classes for parents and nannies, covering choking, burns, bleeding, and CPR. Florence just started working with us a couple of months ago, and as I really wanted her to attend a class, so she would be better equipped to handle an emergency, in case I wasn’t around. Continue reading

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Homemade mayonnaise


I’m becoming increasingly obsessed with making my own everything. And for the past few months, I’ve been making my own mayonnaise! It is SO EASY. And the taste? Tangy and delicious! I seriously wonder why I ever ate the store-bought stuff… Continue reading

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Where we wore, catching up!

I’m playing serious catch-up here… Our local babywearing group, Babywearing Love Kenya, has a tradition of sharing photos of some of the places we wore our babies each month. But I have fallen hopelessly behind in sharing! So here goes – check out all the babywearing adventures our members had since November 2014! (Yes, I’m that far behind!)

Wrap nap in Nakumatt...

Wrap nap in Nakumatt…

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Greetings from Cape Town!



The Wambugu family is on holiday in Cape Town, South Africa this week, enjoying the sights, the food, and the wine. To those of you who check in here regularly to read my ramblings, stay tuned because I’ll be back on schedule with posts next week when we return. I plan to do a “Cape Town Notebook” series, with posts about the fun things we’ve done here with the kids. And if you’d like to see daily photos, check in with me on Instagram!


See you guys next week!

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When a word isn’t just a word: SILLY


There are so many potential language traps one can fall into when living abroad. English isn’t just English – there’s the Queen’s English, American English, and many other varieties, including Kenyan English! I’ve made many English foibles over the years; calling underwear “pants” in the UK, pronouncing the “H” in “herbal” in the US, using the word “trousers” with my American family (that just gets me laughed out of the house)… But nothing really prepared me for the Kenyan reaction to my use of what I thought was an innocent word: SILLY. Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day! – Guest blogging at Mums Village


I’m over at Mums Village today, a fantastic new website for parents in urban Kenya. I met with Isis and Patricia of Mums Village a couple of months ago, and I was so excited to hear about their plan: to create an online community for parents that would finally bring together all kinds of information for parents – bloggers, writers, schools, service-providers, family-friendly events, you name it! Go check it out, and enjoy my guest post: A letter to my mother for Mother’s Day (a few days early). Be sure to click through!

(Happy Mother’s Day, Mom – SURPRISE!!!)

Keep your eyes peeled for future collaboration between Mama Mgeni and Mums Village!Mums Village logo

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For a laugh: brushing my kid’s teeth!

Every day I brush Sweetpea’s teeth. And every day I laugh my butt off at the faces that she makes while we do it. She loves brushing her teeth, but she looks like she’s a rabid dog about to attack or something. Funniest thing ever! I’m just going to leave these here for you to enjoy. Happy Monday… :)

IMG_0783 Continue reading

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Gardening project: succulents terrarium


Last week, I told you about the beautiful succulents we’ve got potted outside. I finally managed to make our terrarium so I can bring some of the beauty inside our house! Continue reading

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Feeling crafty: DIY Mei Tai baby carrier


I have been wanting to make myself a mei tai for a long time now. I have always been a ring sling and wrap kind of girl, but the Asian-inspired carriers have always intrigued me! I wanted a mei tai with extra long wrap-style straps, so I figured I was best off making my own rather than buying one from a retailer. Continue reading

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Wrap hammocks


To round out my week of rainy day activities, here’s another fun game to keep your kids happy when they’re stuck indoors – wrap hammocks! If you have woven wraps for babywearing, they work great for this. Continue reading

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