Love this film: Babies


Okay, this is old news, but I’ve been thinking a lot lately about the movie Babies.  It is a documentary released in 2010 that shows a year in the life of four babies from around the world: the US, Japan, Namibia and Mongolia.

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This month’s meets: July 2014

BW 11

We had a great time at our two babywearing meets this month, and had a chance to check out some new stuff! Robin, a veteran wrap and ring sling user, has been asking to try out torso carries using a leso for the last month or so. Continue reading

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Happy Friday…


I’ve had two sick babies on my hands this week, which left me with no time for blogging. Hopefully everyone will soon be on the mend so we can all get some sleep! In the meantime, I leave you with some baby cuteness…

Have a lovely weekend!

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What we’re reading: Whoever You Are (Guest blogging on Gypsy Momma!)

Sweetpea and Veda...

Sweetpea and Veda…

I’m over at Gypsy Momma today, a fantastic blog about traveling and living abroad with kids. Jess at Gypsy Momma is an amazing woman with a full-on career who makes globetrotting with children look chic,  easy and fun!  She is currently living in Zambia with her talented hubby and two firecracker kids. Go check her out, and enjoy my guest post – What we’re reading: Whoever You Are. I’ll also be welcoming Gypsy Momma here at Mama Mgeni for a guest post soon!

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We love our kitchen helper tower!


Sweetpea loves to help in the kitchen. Our amazing fundi, Willis (of Sweetpea’s art easel fame), helped us to make a fantastic kitchen helper tower that we use every day.

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Easy kid’s craft: leaf rubbings


Sweetpea and a friend got together one afternoon this week to pick some leaves in the garden and make some fun leaf rubbings. Together, the girls walked around the garden, choosing leaves of different shapes and sizes. My good friend Natasha Sweeney came over to photograph the fun.

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What worked for us: the double swaddle!

Watermarked Photo swaddle 01

A while back, I posted about how Sugarplum is addicted to her swaddle, but is now big enough to break out of it and wake herself at night. I am SO glad I posted it, because I got tons of great advice and ideas! After trying out several fantastic recommendations, this is what’s now working well for us. Continue reading

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How to: Getting a birth certificate in Kenya

Photo credit: Jill Craig for

Photo credit: Jill Craig for

Getting a birth certificate in Kenya can be confusing and time consuming. We had Sweetpea in the UK, and we had her birth certificate in hand before we were discharged from the hospital! It was not that easy with Sugarplum – the registration of birth in Kenya is a complicated, bureaucratic process.  Here’s how it worked for us…

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Happy Fourth of July!


It’s Independence Day in the US, so happy Fourth of July to my American readers (hi, Mom!)… We celebrated with good friends and good food. Sweetpea and Sugarplum got decked out in their star spangled finest, and the big kids ate pasta while watching The Jungle Book. Such a treat!

Happy birthday, America!

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What we’re reading: Stuck


Oliver Jeffers’ book Stuck is a book that will have everyone laughing – perhaps the parents even more than the kids! Stuck is a tale about trying to solve a problem by throwing things at it – literally. Continue reading

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