Travelling with Toddlers – Roasted Montreal


I’m over at Roasted Montreal today, writing about what it’s like to travel with kids in Kenya. I was so excited when Michelle contacted me about her summer series featuring parents traveling with their kids all over the world! It’s a wonderful series, featuring families in Tanzania, China, Colombia, Japan, Brazil, Bali and more! Do check it out.


Click through to read about some of our favorite off-the-beaten path destinations, great places to eat outside Nairobi, and my top tip for how to see some of the most amazing spots Kenya has to offer.

My greatest hope is that people who may have dreamed of traveling to Kenya might read about our travels and decide it make it a reality! #TembeaKenya


Thanks, Michelle!

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Wow. I’m solo parenting for the first time in a long time, and this weekend pretty much took it all out of me. Heidi has started taking her diaper off during naps and at night. Most of the time, she takes it off and then she poos somewhere. I decided to put a potty in her room, but she’s two and doesn’t know how to wipe properly, so things have been…. messy. (I will spare you the photographic evidence.)


In other news, Claire has her first loose tooth! The first thing I did was ask my friends what the going rate for the tooth fairy is these days. I am going to try to get my hands on a shiny, new 40 bob coin this week! Claire is crazy excited. This is like a real right of passage for her…


My head is still spinning from the weekend, so that’s about it from me. Do tell me if you have any tips for my diaper-removing ninja pooper. Or how much a tooth should go for!

Have a wonderful week… 🙂

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A sea change on gun control: World Moms Network

Gun Control

I’m over at World Moms Network* today, writing about a topic very near and dear to my heart. History is being made in my country, and I am feeling incredibly PROUD to be an American right now.  Continue reading

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Homemade, sugar-free hot chocolate


It’s winter in Nairobi, and we’re all bundled up in boots, scarves, and wooly jumpers. Jesse has been making hot chocolate for the girls in the morning, to help warm them up. Unfortunately, the stuff we get in the store is loaded with added refined sugar, preservatives, artificial colors and flavors. I found a great recipe for two ingredient chocolate syrup on one of my favorite food blogs, 100 Days of Real Food (actually, from her equally wonderful cookbook, which I use every week!). What’s great about this recipe is that it has NO refined sugar, and no junky ingredients! Added bonus – it’s ridiculously easy to make! Continue reading

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5 reasons to play board games with your kids


Claire loves playing board games! As she gets older, she understands board games more and more, and can play simple games without help from us. Here are my top 5 reasons why we play board games with our kids! Continue reading

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Conversations with Claire and Heidi


Do your kids say funny things? Sometimes we have the funniest conversations with our kids. As Heidi gets older, she has become more and more verbal, and she says some seriously hilarious stuff – especially about potty training. Meanwhile, Claire has become quite deep, and at times a bit dark and existential. Here are a few gems they’ve said recently… Continue reading

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Alone time in Karura Forest…


I’ve been heading up to Karura Forest a few mornings per week to have a long walk – by myself! Now that Heidi is in school 3 mornings per week, I have a bit more time to do things alone, and to spend some time focusing on myself. This is a luxury I haven’t had in a very long time! I’ve been taking advantage of these solo hours going for long walks in the woods. Continue reading

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Tea time: a break from chaos


I’ve been having tea time with Claire and Heidi a lot lately. My mom brought the girls their own tea pot and tea cups a few months back, and we’ve been making use of them almost weekly! What used to be a special treat at Nonnie’s house, is now something we do at home, just for fun, whenever we like. Continue reading

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Happy weekend!


What are you up to this weekend? We’re taking it easy – and hopefully getting lots and lots of sleep! Heidi is still doing great, and we’re enjoying the new “normal” in our house. I’ve had my plate full this week with blogging, editing, school meetings, catching up with my girlfriends, and Claire’s annual check-up. (And sitting in traffic – what was it with the traffic this week?) Also I’ve gotten completely sucked in to this amazing book! So I’m looking forward to doing a whole lot of nothing this weekend, what about you? 🙂


Have an incredible weekend, everyone!

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9 surprising things about working with a sleep consultant


We did it. We hired a sleep consultant to help with Heidi’s sleep issues. We’ve been suffering with 4 AM waking, short or non-existent naps, and frequent hysterical wake ups for far too long. Heidi was clearly sleep deprived. Jesse and I were exhausted and frustrated. After almost a year of suffering with these issues, we decided a sleep consultant was our last best hope. I had no idea how much – or how quickly – working with a sleep consultant would change our lives! Continue reading

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