Crafting with Daddy: wine cork sail boats


Jesse has been saving wine corks for weeks now so that he could use them for crafts with the kids. He wasn’t sure exactly what he wanted to do, so he just kept saving up the corks. Today he made the girls wine cork sail boats!

IMG_7371 IMG_7368

From what I can tell, he got the idea from a blog post at Mama.Papa.Bubba. After I helped him with the supplies, he sat down with Claire and got to work. All they needed were wine corks, rubber bands, wooden skewer sticks, and construction paper.

IMG_7377 IMG_7382

Before long, they had made two very cute sail boats! The kids were delighted! We filled a basin up with water and let the girls play with their boats in the garden. They happily splashed around for a good hour or so before dinner. Win!

IMG_7384 IMG_7389

Jesse totally took me by surprise with this craft idea. It was a great little project for him to do with the kids, and they loved playing with their wine cork sail boats! I can’t wait to see what he comes up with next.


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Happy weekend!


What are you up to this weekend? We’re taking the kids for swimming lessons, Claire has a fun play date with her bestie from when she first started school, and I’m going for a much-needed pedicure and alone time… :) Continue reading

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Curly kids: our hair routine


I’ve been getting lots of questions lately about how we do the girls’ hair. It is a lot of work, but we love the girls’ curls, and it’s always been really important to us to keep them natural and teach them to love their hair. Continue reading

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Gone camping…


I don’t really do New Year’s resolutions, but this year, we’ve decided we need to go camping more often – a LOT more often. So this weekend we headed out of town, just the four of us, for a weekend of fresh air. Continue reading

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Family photos!

Claire and Heidi -22

I’ve been dying to get family photos taken since Heidi was born (almost two years ago, now!), and we finally got around to it! My friend Natasha Sweeney (of Little Films fame) is also a photographer, and she got some great shots for us! Here are a few of my faves… Continue reading

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Magna-Tiles: the best toy. Ever.


We got the kids the most amazing toy for Christmas – Magna-Tiles. They’re plastic tiles that come in different geometric shapes. All the tiles have a series of magnets around the border, so when you hold them next to each other, they snap into place and stay together. They’re like building blocks, but so much more. And the kids LOVE THEM. Continue reading

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Check it out: our newest Little Film!

Little Films

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while know that my friend Natasha made the most adorable Little Film of Claire a couple of years ago. Her films are a wonderful way to remember a moment in time when the kids are still young. Films capture things that photos just cannot – like your child’s giggles, they way they speak, and the way their smile spreads across their face when they see something wonderful. So special! Now that we’re a family of four, we wanted to do another Little Film to hold on to those fleeting moments…

We spent the morning walking at Oloolua Nature Trail in Karen, which is one of our favorite spots in Nairobi. We had a lovely time, hiking down to the waterfall, sitting by the stream at the bamboo thicket, and checking out the “narrow, gloomy cave,” as Heidi calls it. :) (For any of you who’ve read “Going on a Bear Hunt,” you’ll understand! She is a bit obsessed with “narrow, gloomy caves!”)

As always, Natasha truly captured all the beautiful moments, many of which I didn’t even realize she was filming – Claire and I holding hands while walking, Jesse and Heidi watching a butterfly by the waterfall, a Hartlaub’s Turaco Claire spotted along the trail, and many many more. And my favorite part of the whole film might just be Heidi’s little butt wagging at the end, when we’re looking over the railing. Too adorable!

Thank you SO much, Natasha, for another beautiful family heirloom! We absolutely adore it! I know our whole family will be watching this one for years to come!

If you want to see our first Little Film of Claire, check it out! We still love it and watch it all the time!

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Quiet bins for the little ones (to keep the sanity!)


There are certain times of day that are a challenge in our household, and the hour before dinner has always been the most difficult one for me. I’ve got a new tool to help keep the sanity while I’m trying to get dinner on the table. My friend Erin recently told me about “Quiet Bins.” The name alone appealed to me – I loved the idea before I even knew what they were! Continue reading

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Camping in the Maasai Mara


How did you ring in the New Year? We packed up the car (seriously, packed full from floor to roof!) and headed to the Maasai Mara for a bit of bush camping with friends. Continue reading

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In April’s kitchen: improving our culinary skills at Open Table


I have always had a hard time delegating cooking tasks in my house. But with two kids and an increasingly busy schedule, I’ve realized that we will all eat better if I get Florence, our housekeeper, to help more with the cooking. Continue reading

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