Lunch on the road: Café Ubuntu


I’ve been hearing great things about Café Ubuntu in Maai Mahiu ever since Pop Up Nairobi decided to do a brunch there a few months back. (Incidentally, Pop Up Nairobi is another thing I’m dying to experience!) My friend Leonie and I decided to check out this coffee haven this weekend, on our way back from our mommy getaway at Olerai House. Continue reading

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Gardening project: succulents and sunshine


I’ve loved succulents, ever since I moved into my first apartment and my grandmother (who has a very green thumb!) gave me a potted jade tree as a house warming gift. That jade tree did amazing, no matter how much I watered it or where I put it! It was the perfect low-maintenance plant. Continue reading

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Mommy getaway weekend: Olerai House


Even mommies need a break sometimes. This weekend I kissed my girls and my husband goodbye and hit the road for a weekend getaway. My good friend Leonie came along with me, and we went to Olerai House at Lake Naivasha. I can’t find a way to tell you about this place without sounding trite or clichéd. Olerai is paradise. It is spectacular. Magical. Breathtaking. I’ll let the photos speak for themselves. Continue reading

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Cooking with Nonnie: Porcupine Meatballs


Last summer we went to the US to visit family, and Sweetpea really loved helping my mom with everything she could – gardening, cleaning, and especially cooking! My mom bought Sweetpea her very own cookbook, and they decided to make “Porcupine Meatballs” for dinner one night. Continue reading

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What we’re reading: chapter books!


It’s no secret that Sweetpea loves reading. Even at a very young age, she has had patience for quite long books. My mom visited recently and brought a couple of chapter books with her, and Sweetpea loved them! Continue reading

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How to make a weighted babywearing doll

FullSizeRender 2

Recently we’ve had some pregnant mums coming to our babywearing meets who want to learn about babywearing before the arrival of their little ones. But it can be hard to learn how to use a carrier when you don’t have a baby to practice with. And with Sugarplum walking, I am losing my own personal baby model for demonstrating carriers as well, so I decided to make a weighted doll to use during our meets! Continue reading

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Guest post on World Moms Blog!


I’m featured this week on World Moms Blog, a website that hosts writers from over twenty countries around the world writing about motherhood, culture, human rights and social good. I’m so happy to contribute to their site!

Please click through and leave a comment!


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Starting your own kitchen garden


One of the things we were most excited about when we moved into our house three years ago was having some space to start a kitchen garden in our back yard. We weren’t exactly sure where to begin, so we called the amazing Paul from Kalimoni Greens. He came over, surveyed our space, and gave us a proposal for a starter garden. Continue reading

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Charcoal oven pizza catering

How's that for bush pizza? Oscar and Albert's ingenious charcoal pizza oven...

How’s that for bush pizza? Oscar and Albert’s ingenious charcoal pizza oven…

You may remember about a year ago, I wrote about Albert and Oscar, two innovative pizza caterers who served us amazing pizzas on one of our camping trips. I love what these guys are doing – they’ve come up with a truly original idea, and they do an incredible job. Continue reading

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Kids’ rollerblading lessons


When we were starting the new school term, a friend and I decided to try to add an extracurricular activity for our kids one day per week. We started off with rollerblading lessons, and we were amazed at what our 3 year old kids could do! Continue reading

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