Voting from Abroad: World Moms Network

Voting from Abroad

I’m over at World Moms Network today, writing about voting in the U.S. election and teaching my kids to be future voters. Please click through to read more!

PS – I’m off to the beach for the weekend, all alone! Stay tuned for details of this year’s mommy getaway. And if you’re in the mood to read more, check out last year’s solo trip to the beach, an amazing visit to the Africa Pool, and a spectacular mommy getaway weekend spent surrounded by zebras and giraffes!

Have a great weekend!

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What we’re reading: In the Town All Year Round

In the Town All Year Round

In the Town All Year Round is a classic in our house. It’s a book with very few words, but my kids can sit and flip through the pages for hours. We’ve had this book for years, and it gets pulled off the shelf at least once a week, and it usually results in at least 45 minutes of happy, quiet page turning. (Thanks, Tess, for the wonderful suggestion, all those years ago!) Continue reading

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Thinking about going back to work

Going back to work

So. I’ve been thinking about going back to work, after five – FIVE! – years of being a stay at home mom. At times I feel SO ready to get back out there. Other times, I fear going back to work, I dread leaving my kids, and I worry that I no longer have what it takes. Continue reading

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Happy weekend!


What are you up to this weekend? My dear friend Lindsay has been in town this week and I’ve soaked up every minute catching up with her. We miss her and her family so much! Jesse is coming back from another week of work travel, so we’re looking forward to having some much-needed family time as well. Continue reading

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Perspective: seeing your child through someone else’s eyes


Sometimes we need a bit of perspective. Claire is a wonderful kid, but she can also have quite the attitude. At times she frustrates me beyond belief, and I have to work REALLY hard not to respond in anger. (And I don’t always succeed.) Sometimes I feel like a failure. I fear I haven’t done my job in raising her to be a kind, generous, empathetic human being. Continue reading

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Potty training a stubborn toddler – save me!

potty training

Oh potty training. We’re in the thick of it with Heidi, and we can’t seem to get to the finish line. We started potty training around her second birthday, because she was showing lots of signs of readiness – going to a “private” place to poo, asking to be changed when her diaper was wet, showing an interest in using the toilet, and even spontaneously using the potty by herself sometimes. So we went for it, and it seemed to be going pretty well at first. But a month or so later, we seemed to take a step backward. Continue reading

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Jokes that make my 5 year old laugh


This summer, Claire started to really appreciate jokes. We went to the beach with my best friend and her family, and her son, Tommy, LOVES to tell jokes. Claire couldn’t get enough! Her ability to craft her own joke needs some… work. Most of them start with “Why did the chicken…” and end with a punchline that doesn’t totally make sense. But telling jokes is a skill, and she’s working on it. 😉 Continue reading

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Check us out, barely coping on the first day of school

first day of school

NOT the first day of school – try FOURTH day of school…

Monday was the first day of school, and we were wildly unprepared. WILDLY. UNPREPARED. I egregiously underestimated how hard it would be to start the new school year just two short days after arriving home. Continue reading

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Our beach holiday in the Outer Banks, NC

Outer Banks

We just got back from the Outer Banks in North Carolina, where we enjoyed a wonderful beach getaway with my best friend and her family. We spent the week enjoying marvelous sunrises, flying kites, and making (and destroying) sand castles. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see… Continue reading

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What we’re reading: Sarah Stewart’s The Gardener


We went to the library last week and came back with a huge pile of books for the girls. Claire couldn’t wait to start reading, and we sat down to enjoy a book right away. We picked a real beauty: The Gardener, by Sarah Stewart. Continue reading

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