Finally settled, after all these years…

As many of you know, both Jesse and I have been on the move for most of our adult lives. And Claire, our budding traveler, has already lived in two countries, three apartments, and one house in her first year of life.Watermarked Image Settled We’ve always been transient, in motion, and unsettled.  It was how we liked it for a very long time, but after we got married, we both decided it was time to lay down some roots.

Then Jesse got into grad school.

And we did one more brief mission with MSF in Haiti.

Then we moved to the UK for 12 months.

And THEN, a year and a half after we were married and decided to lay down some roots, we finally moved to Nairobi. Here we are, finally getting settled. We have a house!

Watermarked Image House
…with a nice yard, and a veggie garden out back.

Watermarked Image Garden

Claire finally has a bedroom all to her self, decorated like a baby’s bedroom should be. Jesse has a great job, that he sometimes loves (and sometimes hates). And I am a contented, busy, full-time mom…

Watermarked Image

Claire is a happy, funny, smart little kid… She already has an impressive repertoire of animal sounds, and she can recognize numbers. Having said that, she pretty much thinks that all numbers are the number two. When we go through our book Counting Kisses, on every page she points to the number and says “TWO!” Okay, we’re working on that…

There was part of me that wondered if I would miss the chaos and energy of field work. I thought maybe I would get bored staying in one place. Nope. This is great. I’m so happy to be finally making a home with my family…

Stay tuned for more updates about our family, and our new life in Nairobi! (Okay, we’ve been here for over a year and it’s not so new anymore, but it still feels new to me…)

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  1. lina says:

    lovely family and i enjoy your blog so much!

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