Champagne Ridge

This weekend we decided to escape the madness of Nairobi for a few days at Champagne Ridge, in the Ngong Hills overlooking the Rift Valley. There are many wonderful things about Champagne Ridge, not least of which is that it’s only about a one and a half hour drive from Nairobi (if you can manage to follow the ridiculous map provided to you by the rental agency).

map to Rangi & Enkaji

We packed up a cooler, and hit the road with some dear friends we’ve known since our days working with MSF.  They are great to travel with – they’ve lived in Kenya for years, our kids love each other, and they’re just wonderfully good company.

We stayed in a gorgeous house called Miti Mbili (which means “Two Trees” in Kiswahili). It’s a three bedroom cottage that runs on wind power!

Watermarked Image Miti Mbili House

Miti Mbili also boasts a “Loo With a View.” It’s an amazing outdoor latrine and shower with breathtaking views of the Rift Valley. If you’re the kind of person who likes to spend some quality time in the bathroom each morning, this one can’t be beat….

Watermarked Image Loo

There’s also a beautiful sundowner spot, just down the hill from the house. It’s treacherous – a fall here could be fatal – but it’s a beautiful place.

Watermarked Image sunset

We spent most of the weekend cooking, eating, and playing with the kids. It was amazing fun, and the perfect weekend getaway.

Watermarked Image Claire

Before leaving, Claire was treated to the traditional (in our family, at least) Kenyan Bush Bath. She loves having her bath al fresco, and we do it every chance we get – usually when we’re traveling someplace beautiful. She may look uncertain about the idea at first, but trust us, she loves this…

Watermarked Image Bath 1 Watermarked Image Bath 3

Watermarked image bath 4

Watermarked Image Bath 5

Yup, best part of the weekend…

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  1. Star Nintcy says:

    ‘Miti Mbili’ is not maasai but swahili.

    Still, this is a great post ….with absolutely delightful pics of your daughter 🙂

  2. Charles kurgat says:

    Good afternoon,
    We have some property that we are selling on behalf of the owners within the ridge kindly let us know if you may be interested

  3. No I says:

    Very interested in land on Champagne Ridge.
    Interested in upto 5 acres.


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