What we’re reading: Board books we love

I fancy myself quite the connoisseur of children’s books. As a lover of books myself, I became a total children’s book nerd when Claire was born. I started reading to her as soon as we brought her home, and it quickly became one of her favorite pastimes.

Watermarked Image Claire reading

Early on, I learned how much I hate cheap bargain bin kid’s books. Claire tends to gravitate to favorite books, which she insists to have read to her over and over again. Luckily, those favorites tend to change every week or so, but we still get stuck reading books repeatedly, to the point of memorization. We have a bunch of cheap books that have been given to us over the years, and the worst part is that Claire sometimes latches on to them and puts them in the “favorite” rotation. Every closet in our house has a pile of lame, crappy children’s books hidden inside, so Claire can’t find them.

So, I figure if I have to read these things ad nauseum, they had better at least be interesting, well written, and beautifully illustrated. Here are some of our favorite board books from Claire’s bookshelves…

01 Belly Button Book 02 Hippos Go Berserk 03 napping_house 04 llama llama red pajama 05 Its Time To Sleep My Love 06 Going on a bear hunt 07 Spooky Old Tree 08 Tumble Bumble 09 Hairy Maclary 10 Slinky Malinki 11 Scarface Claw 12 Jamberry 13 i-love-you-stinkyface 14 Ten Little Fingers and Ten Little Toes 15 to_market_to_market 16 Is Your Mama a Llama 17 Where is the green sheep 18 Counting Kisses 19 Ten Tiny Tickles H061_B 2.tif 21 Dear Zoo 22 Goodnight Gorilla 23 Cow Cabbage Patch 24 Giraffes can't dance

Some of these are classics you’re likely to be given at your baby showers. Others are gems we’ve found or been given, or discovered by perusing other families’ bookshelves.

We love reading with Claire, and we hope BM2 will love reading just as much as her big sister! Liked this post? Stay tuned for a list of favorite books for bigger kids.

What books do you love to read with your children?

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