Top ten annoying things about the man next to me on today’s flight…

When we checked in for our flight today, we were disappointed to see that we were not all seated together. But then Claire asked to sit with her daddy, and I thrilled at the thought of sitting by myself on an airplane for the first time in 2 1/2 years! Little did I know, Jesse was the one who won the lottery. I was seated next to one of the most annoying airline passengers of all time.

I am the kind of person who will put in earphones, read my book, and give off as many Leave-Me-Alone vibes as possible when flying. I am not interested in making friends on flights. Of course, that is not so much of a concern since I had kids – now there’s no need to discourage people from engaging with me. Most passengers give me little more than the hairy eyeball as I board with my toddler…

But not this guy. Oh no. When I sat down, I immediately closed my eyes and tried to sleep – such a luxury! But this guy kept poking my arm, nearly a dozen times during the short 40 minute flight… I now present you with the top ten annoying reasons the guy sitting next to me on today’s flight decided to disturb me, in the order they occurred:

– to shake my hand and tell me his name
– to offer me gum
– to ask me the time
– to ask me the time again
– to grab my wrist to look at my watch himself
– to ask me if there’s wi-fi at 28,000 ft
– to ask me how “powerful” my phone is
– to reach over and touch the buttons on my phone himself (really???)
– to reach over and open & close my tray table – TWICE
– to try to climb over my pregnant belly once landed, while still taxiing, seatbelt sign still on (a major pet peeve of mine – just wait, for Pete’s sake!)

Add to this that the guy still stunk of last night’s alcohol, and was spilling into part of my own seat – I was not a happy traveler today. And Claire? She was a sweet little angel for the whole flight. Hubby really did win the lottery today…

Stay tuned for a happier post about our amazing trip to the Kenyan coast this week!

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  1. Elizabetta says:

    You should have tried singing opera to him…..I hear that works!

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