Toddler-approved: Homemade yoghurt pops!

It may still be rainy and cool in Nairobi, but the hot December days are coming – and in our house, that means homemade yoghurt pops…

Claire has never been a fan of drinking milk, so a year or so ago I started experimenting with other ways to get her to eat dairy products.  She’ll eat a bit of yoghurt, but she’s not that enthusiastic about it.  Then I had the greatest mom epiphany ever.  Kids love popsicles.  So I got a set of these at The Kitchen Co. at the Junction mall: ice lolly moulds, popsicle mouldsI would tell you how much they cost, but I forget.  And, to be honest, even if I remembered I probably wouldn’t tell you.  What I do remember is that they were exorbitantly expensive, so I’d be too embarrassed to tell you how much they were…  But I loved that the individual popsicles were very small – less drippy mess – so I paid whatever crazy price they asked for.  And, to be honest, I don’t regret it.  These things have gotten a LOT of mileage in our house.

So, with popsicle moulds in hand, I went home and whipped up some strawberry banana yoghurt pops using plain yoghurt with mashed up fresh strawberries and bananas, and a bit of apple juice to thin it out.  (Hint: this works just as well with whatever jam you prefer in your household – we love the St. Dalfour no sugar added jam.)  Claire went nuts and gobbled these things down! She regularly asks for yoghurt pops, so we keep a fresh stash in the freezer at all times.

A few months back, I had yet another amazing mom epiphany while reading a blog post on by Amber Dusick of Crappy Pictures.  If homemade yoghurt pops are such a great way to get Claire to eat some dairy, can I sneak other good stuff in there?  Yes.  Yes I can.  Now we regularly add fresh spinach from our garden to the pops, and she still devours them.  We just wash the spinach, finely chop it (Kenyan sukuma wiki style), and mix it together whatever fruit and yoghurt combo we’re making. Then I use my immersion blender to whip it up, and make sure there are no long stringy bits of spinach.  Into the moulds they go… (If you don’t like the idea of using raw vegetables, you could steam it with a bit if water – just don’t use any oil!)

I wasn’t sure how Claire would react to the green color, but it didn’t slow her down one bit.  Give it a try in your kitchen – any combination of fruit / veg / yoghurt will probably work well.  What tricks do you have to get healthy stuff in your kids’ tummies?

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7 Responses to Toddler-approved: Homemade yoghurt pops!

  1. Alisha says:

    That is a great idea! My one year old is not a great fan of milk either and even I rack my brain trying to find ways to get some dairy stuff in her. Buy maybe I should try when she is a little older coz she might just drop the popsicle all over the place. 🙂

  2. Alisha says:

    Sure! Your baby looks super cute btw.

  3. Aline says:

    Great idea!

  4. salma ali says:

    you have a wonderful recipes

  5. boniface kihugu says:

    excellent recipe and a nice creative idea

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