Ring Slings 101: Hip carry

The hip carry is probably the most common carry position for ring slings. It is most appropriate for babies with good neck control, as well as older babies and toddlers. Below are some step-by-step instructions to help you use your sling to carry your child on your hip! Please excuse the big almost-8-month pregnant belly in the photos! 🙂

1. Hold your child in your arm opposite the rings.Watermarked Photo Hip carry 06

2. Keeping one hand on your child’s bottom at all times, lift him up and slide his legs into the sling.Watermarked Photo Hip carry 07

3. Straddle your child’s legs around your waist, as if you were carrying him on your hip without a sling.Watermarked Photo Hip carry 11

4. Pull the fabric up under your child’s knees to create a supportive seat, like a hammock.Watermarked Photo Hip carry 17

5. Tighten the bottom rail by pulling on the bottom edge of the tail.Watermarked Photo Hip carry 23

6. Many people find they are most comfortable with the child riding quite high. You should be able to kiss the top of your child’s head with minimal movement once the sling is adjusted.Watermarked Photo Hip carry 27

7. IMPORTANT: the fabric should wrap around your child’s bottom and create a pocket for him to sit in, with a layer of fabric between you and your child. Your child’s knees should be bent, and his bottom should be slightly lower than his knees. This is called the “frog position.”Watermarked Photo Hip carry 20

8. Once the fabric is adjusted around your child’s bottom, you can tighten the top rail to make the fabric snug around your child’s back. This keeps your child’s body close to yours, and prevents him from leaning back, which can be unsafe and uncomfortable.Watermarked Photo Hip carry 31

9. Ta Da!Watermarked Photo Hip carry 33

For more information, look under the Babywearing tab above, and check out the Ring Slings 101 series: Anatomy of a ring sling and Wearing and adjusting your sling. Stay tuned for more information on other carry positions!  

(Photos by my dear friend and neighbor, Laura Kaneshiro – thanks pal! And thanks to another lovely neighbor, Eva Drager, for lending us the afternoon sunshine in her garden!)

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