Day trip: Brown’s Cheese Factory

My parents are in town visiting for a few weeks, and today we took them to Brown’s Dairy in Limuru to visit the farm and see how the cheese is made!


We love Brown’s cheese in our house (especially the gouda!), and visiting the farm is great fun. Upon arrival, we were greeted by Beulah, our hostess, who offered us tall, cool glasses of homemade lemonade and iced tea. Beulah gave us some highly fashionable Brown’s Cheese lab coats and hairnets, and gave a basic cheese making demonstration.

Claire, rocking the lab coat and hairnet!

Claire, rocking the lab coat and hairnet!

She added salt, lactose and rennet to warmed milk, and we watched the milk separate into curds (a yoghurt-y semi-solid) and whey (a yellowish clear liquid).  This, Beulah told us, was the basis for most cheeses made at Brown’s.



After the demonstration, we were given a tour of the cheese factory, including the vats where cheese is made, and the amazing cheese rooms, where hundreds of cheeses are stored and aged.





I was fascinated to learn that parmesan cheese has to age for a minimum of two years, and that it takes a colossal amount of milk to make one wheel of parmesan.  No wonder the stuff is so expensive! The large wheels of parmesan you can see behind Claire in the photo above are worth more than 150,000 KSH ($1,700 USD)!

After seeing how the cheese was made, we were treated to an amazing meal.  A stone with a gorgeous assortment of cheese was our first course.



We tried herby cream cheese, aged brie, reblochon (mmmmmmmm), gouda, provolone, manchego, chili chive cheddar, and two different kinds of bleu cheese. After the cheese plate, we were all completely overstuffed. But there was more! Homemade ravioli, two salads, and delicious grilled vegetables were also on the menu! And this mega-meal was finished off with Brown’s homemade ice cream – I had lemon curd (oh my god, to die for) and chocolate, served in a homemade waffle cone. For real.


After glutting ourselves on the delicious food, we went for a walk on the farm. Everything is organic and home-grown. The farm was a real treat! Claire got to see turkeys, chickens, pigs, rabbits and cows. We even found a funky little chameleon to play with!

IMG_4046 IMG_4083 IMG_4138

We had such a great day. My parents loved it, too – it’s such a wonderful place to take visitors. Check out their website to see about making a reservation for yourself!

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