Starting a babywearing group in Kenya

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I hosted my first Nairobi babywearing meet in October 2012. I had about 6 women come over to my house. We showed off our different carriers, learned different carrying and wrapping styles, and generally enjoyed each other’s company over a cup of tea.

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Nairobi Babywearing Meet, October 2012

Earlier this year, I decided to host two more babywearing meets, and had about twenty women come! I was amazed at the increased interest in babywearing, and learning more about different kinds of carriers. I also met two lovely ladies, Hanneke and Lia, who are as passionate about babywearing as I am, and we have joined forces to support babywearing initiatives in Nairobi.

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With the increased interest, we decided to hold our most recent babywearing meet at Amani Ya Juu. We had a nice big table under an umbrella, and had a great morning checking out different carriers and sharing our best tips for babywearing.

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A highlight for me was learning about the super cool Close Caboo baby carrier, which is kind of like a cross between a K’Tan and a ring sling. And, added bonus, Nike Kondakis might start making a similar carrier locally, which will be available for sale! Here’s a sneak peek at the Close Caboo in action:

We’re hoping to have another babywearing meet at Amani in early May. Stay tuned for more information! If you’d like to get more involved in our Nairobi Babywearing Group, please join our Facebook group, Babywearing Love Kenya. If you want to know more about my own experiences babywearing, read this post!). And if you’re interested in getting a ring sling, contact me!

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  1. Wow! You’re so lucky! I’d love to have the opportunity to travel like that. I’ve been dreaming of going to Africa, and also to some native tribes to learn about babywearing in different cultures x

    • MamaMgeni says:

      Thanks! I feel really lucky that I’ve been able to see so much of the world, and that I’m able to show it to my children as well. In Kenya, the traditional babywearing method is to tie the baby to your back using a “lesso,” which is a colorful piece of African fabric. I will do a post about it sometime!

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