Home entertainment: buying DVDs in Nairobi


We live in Nairobi. Which means it’s really easy to get super cheap, high quality dvds. There are guys with cardboard boxes full of DVDs at practically every busy intersection, it seems.

My neighbor Eva told me about a great DVD supplier, Carmel Videos. They have a huge selection, the price is right (100 – 200 KSH per DVD, even for TV series!), you can order online (no flipping through hundreds of DVDs on the side of the road on your way home from work!), and he delivers them to your door!

We ordered a bunch of DVDs a few weeks back, so we have a whole stash waiting to be watched. A couple of nights ago we watched an amazing film, About Time.

About Time

I had never heard of it before, I just threw it in my basket on the Carmel Video page. It had Rachel McAdams in it, and I assumed it would be a run of the mill RomCom. So NOT run of the mill! This movie was so interesting, the acting was so good (Bill Nighy kills it in this), and the story was so incredibly moving that I was in tears by the end, and even snuck into Claire’s room to give her a kiss before I went to bed.

So if you need some new television series or movies to watch, give Carmel Videos a try!

(DVD image via Geoffrey Fairchild / Flickr)

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