What we’re reading: Stuck


Oliver Jeffers’ book Stuck is a book that will have everyone laughing – perhaps the parents even more than the kids! Stuck is a tale about trying to solve a problem by throwing things at it – literally.

Claire loves this story about Floyd who accidentally gets his kite stuck in a tree, and he can’t get it down.  One by one, he finds things to throw into the tree to knock the kite loose, but nothing seems to work.


Floyd starts small, by throwing his shoe. Then his other shoe. Then a bucket of paint. Eventually, the family car. An orangutan. A small boat. A big boat. A long distance lorry. You get the point… Eventually, Floyd throws a saw up the tree, and that was it – the kite finally came unstuck! Floyd proceeds to fly the kite and enjoy the rest of his afternoon.

Stuck Orangutan

Image courtesy of oliverjeffers.com.

Claire loves the ending, when Floyd goes to bed, sure he’s forgetting something. The last page shows the tree, with all the bizarre things Floyd has thrown up into it, including some stranded firemen still trying to figure out how to get down…

Image courtesy of oliverjeffers.com.

Image courtesy of oliverjeffers.com.

I’ve talked before about how much I love Oliver Jeffers’ artwork, right? His watercolors are just gorgeous.  Stuck is done in pencil, which creates a different effect, but the drawings are just as lovely. Claire loves how you can see Floyd’s frustration through the little black cloud squiggled above his head.

Image courtesy of oliverjeffers.com.

Image courtesy of oliverjeffers.com.

Oliver Jeffers’ works are all quite popular in our house. Stuck, Lost and Found, The Way Back Home, How to Catch a Star, and The Day the Crayons Quit (which is illustrated by Jeffers) have all been read over and over. Sorry – it won’t be easy to find Oliver Jeffers’ books around here. But you can order them on Amazon.co.uk for delivery in Kenya!


Enjoy! (Photos by Natasha Sweeney for Mama Mgeni. Thank you, Natasha! Don’t forget to check out her incredible Little Films as well!)

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