What worked for us: the double swaddle!

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A while back, I posted about how Heidi is addicted to her swaddle, but is now big enough to break out of it and wake herself at night. I am SO glad I posted it, because I got tons of great advice and ideas! After trying out several fantastic¬†recommendations, this is what’s now working well for us.

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First, I do a very simple (but VERY effective) arm-only swaddle with a muslin blanket. I fold down the top corner of the muslin, and lay it on the changing table. Then I put the baby with her shoulders along the straight line of the folded corner.

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I take one side, wrap it over her right arm, and bring the extra fabric under her back and bum. Then I do the same on the other side. This keeps her wriggly little arms at her sides, and is held in place by the weight of her body. BRILLIANT! This would also be great in hot weather, when you want to swaddle, but you don’t want your little one overheating.

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Once her arms are swaddled, I do a second swaddle – usually in one of my swaddle blankets with velcro or snaps. This part is easy, because her arms are already swaddled, so there is no fighting with flailing baby arms.

Watermarked Photo swaddle 02

Since we’ve put the double swaddle in place, Heidi hasn’t broken out of her swaddle once. I know we’re still living on borrowed time… Baby girl can’t sleep swaddled forever, and eventually she’ll be able to roll over and our swaddling days will be over. But I will take these battles as they come, and for now I’m enjoying restful nights with a happily swaddled baby… Thanks to all of you for your invaluable advice!

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