We love our kitchen helper tower!

Claire loves to help in the kitchen. Our amazing fundi, Willis (of Claire’s art easel fame), helped us to make a fantastic kitchen helper tower that we use every day.

Watermarked Photo Tower 06

I found these project directions at ana-white.com, which listed materials needed and step-by-step instructions for making a sturdy, tip-resistent tower. I printed out the instructions, handed them off to Willis, and a couple of weeks later we had this gorgeous helper tower for Claire!

Watermarked Photo Tower 07

One of my favorite things about this kitchen helper tower is that it is height adjustable. The platform where Claire stands can be moved down two more levels as she grows, so she will always be at counter height!

Watermarked Photo Tower 05

Sunday is pancake day in our house, and Claire loves to be on hand to help her daddy measure, stir and taste…  🙂

Watermarked Photo Tower 04 Watermarked Photo Tower 02 Watermarked Photo Tower 01 Watermarked Photo Tower 08

If you would like Willis to make something similar for you, use the contact form below to email him directly!

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3 Responses to We love our kitchen helper tower!

  1. willy says:

    Thanks to mama mgeni! I m getting more and more clients every day, Thank you so much and God bless you.

    • MamaMgeni says:

      Willis, your work speaks for itself! We really love everything you’ve made for us, and it all gets used daily! Thank YOU!

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