This month’s meets: July 2014

BW 11

We had a great time at our two babywearing meets this month, and had a chance to check out some new stuff! Robin, a veteran wrap and ring sling user, has been asking to try out torso carries using a leso for the last month or so. Torso carries are really popular in West Africa and countries like DR Congo, while here in Kenya they prefer the rebozo-style carry where the fabric is tied over one shoulder. Today Robin finally had the courage to try out a torso carry with her 4.5 month old cutie, Nia. She had plenty of spotters to help her to get baby Nia safely on her back, and she said she loved the feel of having her baby wrapped close with no straps tugging on her shoulders. She said it will take some practice before she feels fully confident, but she’ll definitely keep at it!

Robin also brought along a friend’s i-angle baby carrier, which is apparently all the rage in Hong Kong right now.  It’s a hip belt with a sturdy “seat” for your child to sit on. You can either use it alone, or zip on the carrier body, which looks like any other soft, structured carrier (SSC) body. Robin was a big fan!

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Elisabeth also showed us her Stokke 3-way carrier, and did a tandem carry with her son on her back and Heidi on her front! She told us that she wouldn’t want to wear two for long, but that it was surprisingly comfortable and that having two babies kind of balanced out the weight on her shoulders.

BW 02

Our babywearing meets are a great opportunity for parents interested in babywearing to get together, try out different carriers, and get information about how to wear your baby comfortably and safely. But our meets are also a great way to make friends and join a circle of fellow parents. At each meet, we spend time trying out different carriers, troubleshooting babywearing issues, and planning babywearing activities like walks in Karura Forest and babywearing yoga. And, inevitably, we also relax, hang out, have a cup of coffee, and talk about parenting, kids, and life in Nairobi. Our little babywearing family is really growing, and has become a wonderful, supportive network!

We hold our babywearing meets twice per month, on the FIRST Thursday and THIRD Saturday every month, from 10 – 12 at Amani Ya Juu. The next meets will be August 6th and August 16th. (I will be out of the country for the August 16th meet, but hopefully someone else from the group can agree to host!)

For more information, join our Facebook group, Babywearing Love Kenya! And if you’d like to get your own ring sling, please contact me!

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