This month’s meet: August 2014

Copyright 2014 Tara Wambugu

We had our Thursday babywearing meet at Amani Ya Juu yesterday, and had a great turnout, with plenty of new faces, along with many regulars! 
We had lots of different carriers represented: Moby wraps, Baby Bjorns, Ring Slings, Ergo Baby, Close Carrier, etc. Robin and Luisa shared their Moby / stretchy wrap knowledge with the group, showing how to do the Pocket Wrap Cross Carry (PWCC) and the Front Wrap Cross Carry (FWCC).

Copyright 2014 Tara Wambugu

Robin, demonstrating the “poppable” FWCC using a stretchy wrap.

The PWCC is a pre-tied carry, where you can pop your baby in and out. This is great for anyone who doesn’t want to have the tails of their wrap dragging all over the ground in the parking lot as they wrap their baby to dash into the supermarket!

Copyright 2014 Tara Wambugu

Luisa, also demonstrating the PWCC…

The FWCC must be wrapped as you hold your baby, but can be great in warm weather, as it has fewer passes going over baby’s back, but still has the cross passes between baby’s legs for good support. You can see what the FWCC looks like by checking out Luisa in the group photo at the top of the page!

Our babywearing meets give parents a chance to get together, try out different carriers, and get information about how to wear baby comfortably and safely. Babywearing meets are also a wonderful way to make new friends and join a community of likeminded parents. At each meet, parents get to try out different carriers and ask questions about different ways to wear babies. Parents can also take part in planning babywearing activities like walks in Karura Forest and babywearing yoga. Of course, it’s not all babywearing – we also relax, hang out, have a cup of coffee, and talk about parenting, kids, and life in Nairobi. The babywearing community here in Nairobi is wonderfully warm and supportive!

We hold our babywearing meets twice per month, on the FIRST Thursday and THIRD Saturday every month, from 10 – 12 at Amani Ya Juu. The next meet will be Saturday August 16th. (I will be out of the country for the that meet, but I hope to identify someone from the group who can host!)

For more information, join our Facebook group, Babywearing Love Kenya! And if you’d like to buy a Mama Mgeni ring sling, please contact me or check out my shop!

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