Day trip: Mlango Farm


It is so nice to get out of the city once in a while and get some fresh air. This weekend we headed up to Mlango Farm with friends and family to pick some veggies, tour the farm, and enjoy lunch in the garden.


Mlango Farm is located in Ngecha Village, just 40 minutes outside Nairobi. Els and Kamande are wonderful hosts, greeting us when we arrived with homemade rhubarb cake, coffee, tea and fresh strawberry juice. The house is full of art, collected from various artists throughout Kenya and further afield.

After enjoying our snack, Els took us on a tour of the 20 acre farm. Els and Kamande moved to the farm in 2007, when the land was nothing but brush. They have since cleared much of the land, tilled it, and cultivated it with plants, vegetables and fruit trees. The farm is lovely, truly beautiful to behold. Row upon row of cabbage, kale, Swiss chard, lettuce, and dozens upon dozens of other fruits and vegetables. We walked around the farm for ages, wandering amongst the rows, picking fresh veggies to take with us. Claire probably ate her weight in fresh strawberries, picked as we roamed the fields.


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After walking through the farm, we returned to the main house for a homemade lunch in the garden. On the menu were rosemary focaccia bread, butternut soup, quiche, and several salads. For desert, chocolate cake served with tea and coffee. After our massive (and delicious!) meal, we wandered back up to the house to pick up some fresh strawberry jam and dried lemon verbena to take home with us.

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The bounty of fresh veggies we picked ourselves and brought home!

The bounty of fresh veggies we picked ourselves and brought home!

We really loved our visit, and we will definitely be back! If you wish to visit Mlango Farm yourself, you can contact Els and Kamande via the Mlango Farm Facebook page or website to make a booking. At the time of publishing, farm tours cost 1,500 KSH per person (half price for children, and kids under the age of 3 are free). Make sure to pack a sun hat, sunscreen, and a bag or basket to carry your hand picked veggies home in!

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5 Responses to Day trip: Mlango Farm

  1. Julie Jami says:

    Hi! I love your blog!!! My husband and I moved from the States to Nairobi in October and just had our first baby last month. My husband was born and raised in Kenya but lived in the states for about 13 years. I was wondering if you have written a blog about or have information on parks or places to go on a walk with the baby. We live in Karen and any ideas would be great! Thanks.

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Congratulations on your new baby! If you’re in Karen, you should check out Oloolua Nature Trail! The walk down to the waterfall might be a bit much with baby, but you can take the rest of the trails easily with a baby in tow! I think the Nairobi Safari Walk is also a nice walk with a baby – be sure to walk through the forest trail at the back! There’s always Karura Forest as well, but that’s a bit far for you from Karen!

  2. Sarah Gibbons says:

    Hi Tara, we met last weekend. That place looks wonderful and am fixated now with how snug your babe looks in your sling. So grateful for your advice on technique but feeling like I might need a bit more practice til Max looks as comfy as yours!

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