Our camping packing checklist!

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I’ve been promising myself for ages to draft a packing list for when we go camping – an exhaustive list of what we may need, that can be tailored or trimmed depending on the trip. Well, here it is! A draft of it at least. I suspect I will be coming back to this post over and over to edit the list… I should tell you that we are pretty much car campers, or “glampers,” as my husband likes to call it. Therefore, this is a LONG list. If you’re the hard-core type who packs what little they need into a backpack, hikes up a mountain, and pitches a tent, this list will be way too much for you. If you camp with kids, this will probably be right up your alley…

lightweight trousers
short-sleeve t-shirts or tank tops
long trousers
long-sleeve t-shirts
sweatshirt or fleece
hat, gloves & scarf
good shoes for hiking
flip flops
gumboots (for kids)
warm sleepwear
rain coat

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toothbrush / toothpaste
bar of soap
lip balm
insect repellent
toilet paper

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cooking pots & pans
wooden spoons & spatula
aluminum foil
plates, bowls, cups, and utensils
napkins / paper towels
trash bags
portable coffee maker
sponge & dish soap
zip lock bags
water bottles (for refilling)
lighter & matches
marshmallows for roasting 🙂
plenty of water for drinking and washing (we go with 20 liters per day for our family, which is usually more than we need, but we don’t want to run out)
bottle opener and cork screw
can opener
cooler with ice
cutting board
cooking oil
salt, pepper, herbs & spices
tea, coffee, milk & sugar

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Tools / gear:
ground cover
tent pegs
inflatable mattress or sleeping pads
pump for air mattress
bedding or sleeping bags
rubber mallet
head lamps & extra batteries
hammock and tree-hugger straps
tarps for shade
meko gas stove
first aid kit (check out what we keep in our first aid kit here)
multi-tool or jack knife
baby carriers
camping chairs
picnic blanket
birding book
walkie talkies

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For those of you who are dweebs like me, you can find a printable version of the checklist here. We usually use the “other” column to fill in food items we need to pack. Hope you find it useful!

Anything you would add to this list? What do you bring when you go camping?

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  1. Natasha says:

    Awesome post, it’s perfect! Just what we need! Thanks so much.

  2. Perfect checklist. Packing for camping requires a bit more attention and specific items, which you can not find in the place you are about to go. Thanks for the helpful post!

  3. Nayan Savla says:

    thanks a lot for this list….really useful

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