Wrap hammocks


To round out my week of rainy day activities, here’s another fun game to keep your kids happy when they’re stuck indoors – wrap hammocks! If you have woven wraps for babywearing, they work great for this. (Don’t try it with a stretchy wrap like a moby, however!) If you don’t have woven wraps, you can use a table cloth, a sheet, or any length of non-stretchy fabric you might have around the house.


Simply tie the fabric around a table with a square knot (right over left and under; left over right and under). Make sure there are no twists in the wrap. I like to make it so the rails of the fabric are a bit tighter, and the pouch part a bit looser. This makes it so the kids can climb in, and the rails will be higher than their bum, so they aren’t likely to fall out.


My girls love this, and Claire can actually hang out in her wrap hammock for hours! While Claire can easily climb in an out herself, Heidi is still too small to leave unattended – but I can also sit nearby and read a book, which I don’t get to do very often! I hope you enjoyed this week’s posts about rainy day activities. May they help you get through the rainy season! 🙂

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