Happy Mother’s Day! – Guest blogging at Mums Village


I’m over at Mums Village today, a fantastic new website for parents in urban Kenya. I met with Isis and Patricia of Mums Village a couple of months ago, and I was so excited to hear about their plan: to create an online community for parents that would finally bring together all kinds of information for parents – bloggers, writers, schools, service-providers, family-friendly events, you name it! Go check it out, and enjoy my guest post: A letter to my mother for Mother’s Day (a few days early). Be sure to click through!

(Happy Mother’s Day, Mom – SURPRISE!!!)

Keep your eyes peeled for future collaboration between Mama Mgeni and Mums Village!Mums Village logo

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2 Responses to Happy Mother’s Day! – Guest blogging at Mums Village

  1. Sonia Jones says:

    This is such a touching letter. It is so true that our mothers teach us to be mothers even without knowing it and I definitely didn’t need that doll either 🙂 Thanks

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Thanks, Sonia! My mom always used to say, ” Someday when you’re a mother, you’ll understand,” and now I definitely do!!

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