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We recently sent our housekeeper, Florence, to a First Aid training course with my good friend Lindsay. She runs regular classes for parents and nannies, covering choking, burns, bleeding, and CPR. Florence just started working with us a couple of months ago, and as I really wanted her to attend a class, so she would be better equipped to handle an emergency, in case I wasn’t around.

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Jesse and I took Lindsay’s First Aid course when I was pregnant with Heidi, and we were so glad we did. Both of us had taken first aid courses in the past, but Lindsay’s class was really different. We feel we gained so much more knowledge and practical experience from her course than we had before.

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Lindsay has CPR dummies in adult, child and infant sizes, which gave everyone the chance to get genuine and realistic hands-on practice with all the techniques she teaches. We found it particularly useful to practice CPR on the infant dummy – we really got a feel for just how different it would be to resuscitate an infant in an emergency.

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Lindsay keeps her classes small, which means that every participant gets ample practice time and one-on-one feedback. She also provides a pre- and post-test to assess how much you learned. The post-test was really great for discussing the course with Florence, and reviewing what she had learned together. Florence really loved the course, and she feels much more confident and capable to handle a potential emergency.

If you want to sign yourself or your nanny up for a first aid class, you can find out more on Lindsay’s website, The Breast Advice. (Lindsay also offers breastfeeding classes and one-on-one breastfeeding support for new moms!)

(Photos provided by Lindsay Spainhour Baker.)

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  1. Adam Singh says:

    My wife and I would like to take classes, please. Where do we sign-up?

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