Climb BlueSky – indoor rock climbing in Nairobi


During our last camping trip a few weeks ago, Claire spent most of the weekend scrambling around the boulders by our campsite, and she was really good at it! This weekend we took her to Nairobi’s indoor rock climbing wall at Climb BlueSky, Diamond Plaza to work on her climbing skills!

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This place is pretty amazing. There are multiple climbing walls and overhangs, offering routes for beginners as well as hard-core climbers. One of the staff members got Claire geared up in a harness, and off she went. I was so proud of her! Each time she went up, she’d go a little bit higher than she did before – and before long she was climbing right to the top! She was great at taking direction, and worked really hard to get her hand or foot to the next hold. She also quickly learned how to hold the rope with both hands and rappel down the wall when she was done climbing.

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The staff were really helpful, teaching Jesse how to safely belay so that he could work with Claire as she climbed. They also helped Claire navigate her ascent, helping her to decide where to place her hands and feet as she climbed higher up the wall.

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In addition to the regular climbing walls and overhangs, the rock gym also had a bouldering area (lower walls covered in holds with a thick foam mat at the bottom), a ping pong table, and a small cafe where you could get tea, coffee and snacks. This was a really great place to spend a Sunday afternoon. My only complaint is that they are not open in the mornings. We would love to go for mornings during school break!

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Jesse also had a blast, and really enjoyed some of the more challenging climbing routes. Even Heidi wanted in on the action!

IMG_2666 IMG_2664 IMG_2673

At the time of writing, a day pass at the rock gym cost 700 KSH each (same rate for adults and kids). This includes the use of a climbing harness, but does NOT include shoe rental. As long as you and your kiddos are wearing close-toed shoes, you don’t need to rent shoes.


Have you taken your kids to an indoor rock climbing gym? How did they like it? 

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4 Responses to Climb BlueSky – indoor rock climbing in Nairobi

  1. Sylvia says:

    Where are you located?

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Hi Sylvia, if you check out the post above, it reads that Climb BlueSky is at Diamond Plaza. There is also a link to their website. 😉

  2. Derrick mwangi says:

    I would love to come with a group Of youths aged between 18-30 years old is the activity fit for them?

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Hi Derrick – Blue Sky hosts lots of climbing events. Click through to their website and get more info!

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