Things I love about home: tea parties with Nonnie


My mom has enjoyed having tea parties at home with the girls over the past few weeks. She brews up a pot of herbal tea (Almond Sunset – Claire’s favorite!) in a real tea pot, and serves the tea in beautiful bone china tea cups. (Heidi gets a little metal tea cup from the girls’ play tea set.)

IMG_3920 IMG_3921

I don’t know if it’s the special herbal tea, or the excitement of the special tea cups, or if it’s the ritual of the process, but both girls really love these tea parties!

IMG_3897 IMG_3906 IMG_3925

It makes me realize that we don’t always need to do something elaborate to share a special moment with our kids. Sometimes it’s just as simple as brewing a pot of tea… 🙂

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  1. Samoina says:

    … life’s most beautiful moments, are, more often than not, in the simple, the seemingly mundane! love those cups!!! *sips tea*

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