Things I love about home: berry picking


We took the kids raspberry picking a couple of weeks ago. I forgot how much fun berry picking is! We stopped in to a little farm not too far from my mom’s house for some summer fun.


The girls adored the berry picking! I’m sure Claire ate at least as many as she put in her basket. Even Heidi loved picking the berries, searching around for ripe ones.


After we filled our baskets with raspberries, we visited the resident animals on the farm – horses, goats, pigs, and loads of chickens. Our friends were shocked when Jesse caught and picked up one of the chickens so the kids could pet her – a truly Kenyan moment in the middle of the US! 🙂

IMG_3953 IMG_3956

The farm also had lots of fun swings – tire swings in the shape of bucking broncos, and even a rope swing up in the hay loft.

IMG_3958 IMG_3976

This place reminded me a lot of Mlango Farm in Limuru – and made me look forward to going back there when we get back to Nairobi! We’ve had such a wonderful summer here, but I’m also looking forward to getting back home after a long trip away… We come back this week – wish us luck on the flights!


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