Where we wore, September 2015

Our local babywearing group, Babywearing Love Kenya, has a tradition of sharing photos of some of the places we wore our babies each month. Check out all the babywearing adventures our members had in September 2015:

Buffy 01

At Kiambethu tea farm…

Clara 01

Daddy, about to go for a walk round the compound in a baby ktaan…

Esther 01

About to set off for a hike with 4 other baby wearing mamas in Loresho.

Esther 02

Babywearing mamas out for our regular walk in Loresho. Come and join us!

Hanneke 01

Out to visit to caves at Paradise Lost…

Heidi 02

Baby boy with our wonderful caretaker Jane…

Lia 01

4yr old carried on the back in a leso/kanga, our African local traditional baby carrier…

Lia 02

Carrying the preschooler in a handwoven wrap as we go to buy vegetables and have a chat with the mama mboga, in Nairobi which we so love…

Robin 01

Ergo nap w daddy at Japanese Day festival…

Sam 01

At Kitengela glass where we got to meet Nani’s pet crested crane! Wearing my lovely Moby wrap…

Tara 01

Sad baby, so: snuggles…

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2 Responses to Where we wore, September 2015

  1. Jackie Kidola says:

    Hi Tara! My name is Jackie and I am from the US and my husband is from Tanzania. We are living in the states now but planning to return to Kenya/Tanzania to live in the future. We may be travelling to Kenya in March and I was wondering if you could let me know when another babywearing meet up would be around that time and where I can purchase a sling wrap. I am due with our first in June and I would really like to have one! If we are able I would really like to attend one of the group meetings to get some info! Asante Sana!!

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Hi Jackie! You should join the FB group Babywearing Love Kenya! I am no longer hosting the babywearing meets, because Heidi has simply moved on an has no interest in being worn anymore! But there are other mums in the group who organize the occasional meet, babywearing walk, or play group. As for purchasing a sling or wrap, check out Toto Wraps! It’s a local business run by an amazing mom who loves babywearing. She makes beautiful wraps and slings!

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