Keeping track of the kiddos: phone number bracelets

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I’m not much of a Pinterest mom – I bake ugly birthday cakes, I don’t have an impeccably decorated house, and I don’t make home-made Halloween costumes. Having said all that, I did find this idea on Pinterest – phone number ID bracelets for our kids!

The idea is for our girls to wear these bracelets when we take them to crowded places, in case they ever get separated from us. I’ve taught Claire that if she ever gets lost, the best thing to do is look for another mommy with children to help her. Claire has nearly got my phone number memorized, but she’s not quite there yet – and obviously Heidi is still too young to memorize anything but Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. These bracelets will ensure that if the girls ever get lost, a grown-up can help them find me!

We got to give these a test-run at the Harvest Festival a couple of weeks ago. The girls didn’t get lost, of course, but it gave me some peace of mind to know that if they did, a grown-up would be able to help them find me.

I keep these bracelets in a pocket in my purse, so I have them with me whenever we go to a crowded event. And, of course, I don’t let the girls wear them around any old time – just when we need them.

I made these when I was in the US this summer, with number beads I found at a craft store. I’m not sure if number beads like these are available here in Kenya, but I’m thinking you could get hand-painted beads somewhere like Kazuri beads, or the like. If you find something like this locally, let me know so I can share it!

So there you have it – my Pinterest project for the year! 🙂

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9 Responses to Keeping track of the kiddos: phone number bracelets

  1. Lisa says:

    I love this idea and hope to replicate it for our littlest ones. Grace knows our address but I never actually thought to teach her my phone number. Good idea! And I LOVE the idea of telling them to look for another Mama with kids – that she would be a likely safe person to ask for her. VERY good idea (especially when it can be confusing to otherwise tell them to be wary of strangers). Thanks for these ideas!

  2. Fanne Mwambi says:

    Thank you for this idea… I rushed to ebay, my favourite online store… and voila! you can get all sorts of beads there.. numbered… and alphabets if you like 🙂

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      That’s great to know!! I never thought of trying eBay for purchases here in Kenya!

      • Fanne Mwambi says:

        I buy all sorts of small items on Ebay… My wedding Tiara, phone cases, little purses for my girls, USB cables etc…Twice got something I didn’t like and I got my money sent back… 🙂 it works

  3. Karambu says:

    A great idea! Maybe one of the local maasai market crafters could take the idea and run with! Would be great to purchase some colourful local ones. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Zubeda says:

    This is what I might also do. My daughter got lost at Nakumatt. currently i ensure she has a card holder with our details, but this one will be a great idea to try. Thanks

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