Tembea Kenya: enjoying all Nairobi has to offer


Last week we went to Nairobi National Park for Mashujaa Day. We love to go for a game drive and a picnic in the park on public holidays! We woke up early, packed some food and a few blankets, and got to the park gate by 7am to start our game drive.


We invited Jesse’s parents to join us, and I was shocked to find out that they had never visited the park before. Ever! They live just a few kilometers from the park, and have passed the entrance every day for over 20 years, yet they have never been inside.


Perhaps this is because much of the marketing for Kenya’s travel experiences is geared toward foreign tourists, with rates even quoted in US dollars, giving the impression that things like game drives are not attainable for your average mwananchi. But at 500 KSH for citizens, entry to Nairobi National Park is pretty reasonable. And for 500 KSH more, you can catch a ride on the KWS bus for a game drive through the park, for those without their own transport.


One of my favorite bloggers, The Kenyan Camper, is a huge advocate for Kenyan tourism, and puts a lot of pressure on the likes of the Kenya Tourism Board to focus on Kenyan tourists as well as international ones. According to some of his recent tweets, domestic tourism is on the rise, and is even surpassing international tourism in terms of revenue. So the Kenyan tourists are out there!

The Kenyan Camper 02 The Kenyan Camper 03 The Kenyan Camper 04

So, my Kenyan readers, have you been on a game drive in the Nairobi National Park? If so, what do you love about it? If not, what’s stopping you? If you’re interested in checking it out, get to the park early before the gate gets too busy. We like to pack an easy picnic lunch, some drinks, and a blanket. We love the Kingfisher and Impala Observation Point picnic sites – great views, and no bothersome baboons.. 🙂


If you need some travel inspiration, please do check out The Kenyan Camper. His blog is a fantastic read, and his photos (especially his night photography of the starry skies!) is spectacular. Follow him on Twitter and Instagram, too, for some great insights into tourism in Kenya and more great travel photos.


Now get out there, and #tembeakenya!

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