Holiday photos: Thanksgiving in Watamu


We just got back last weekend from a really great trip to Watamu for Thanksgiving. We’ve never stayed at the north coast before – we’ve always been a Tiwi family! But wow, Watamu is amazing. We stayed in a really beautiful house with a spectacular pool, which the girls were happy to swim in all day long. Here are a few photos, if you’d like to see!

I swear, we spent something like 12 hours a day in this pool. The girls are both becoming little fish! Claire has gained so much confidence and ability when it comes to swimming. I can hardly believe that six months ago she was afraid to get her face wet! Heidi is scarily confident, and will step off into the deep end when no one is looking. We had to watch that girl every second!

Of course, with our two early risers, we didn’t miss a sunrise. I’ll admit, neither of us loves getting up so early on holiday, but the silver lining is taking the girls down to the water to watch the sun come up. Pretty special… 🙂

IMG_5969 IMG_3919 IMG_3915 IMG_3913

One thing I love about Watamu is that it’s super easy to hop a tuk-tuk into town (quite different from Tiwi, which is very remote). We went several times to this amazing shop for delicious Italian gelato. Claire’s favorite flavor was strawberry. I loved getting a scoop of cherry and a scoop of lemon. YUM.

IMG_5992 IMG_6008

Mama Massage popped in most days to offer her services. The girls loved getting henna hand tattoos!

IMG_3940 IMG_5984

The beach was so hot and had so little shade that we rarely went down on the sand during the day. Every night, when the sun went down, we would take the big kids down to the beach for crab hunting. They all loved skittering around in the dark, trying to catch sand crabs!

IMG_6017 IMG_6018 IMG_5966 IMG_6013

And, of course, we had an amazing Thanksgiving feast of grilled lobster, along with my traditional apple pie!


What a lovely time we had! We love you, Watamu. We are already looking forward to our next visit!

PS – Heidi’s first flight, and camping on the beach.


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  1. Zubeda says:

    You had so much fun, i can see. I think i might just love Watamu too!
    Those were great shot from under the water

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