Getting festive: homemade paper star lanterns


The girls are so excited about Christmas this year! They’ve had so much fun decorating our tree, hanging our stockings, and updating our Advent calendar each day. I wanted to decorate the house with some beautiful candles, and I decided to make some festive paper lanterns. These star lanterns are so lovely! They make our dinner table so warm and merry, and the girls love to blow out the candles when the meal is through.


This project is very do-able, but it is complicated. I found two great tutorials online, one from Homebaked Online and Passengers on a Little Spaceship. I doubted I could pull it off when just reading the tutorials. But when I read them with paper in hand, folding as I went, the lanterns suddenly materialized in my hands!

IMG_6196 IMG_6205

The project requires a bit of cutting, and a LOT of folding. Take my word for it, though, it’s not as hard as it looks! Head on over to Homebaked Online and Passengers on a Little Spaceship and follow their tutorials. All you need is some paper, a simple compass, a pair of scissors, and some candles. I got these ones from The Candle House. They’re the perfect size, and they are in a plastic cup, which protects the paper from the hot wax!


The girls loved painting the paper we worked with, and they really enjoyed watching me do all the folding! (It was a bit too complicated for little hands.) But really, their favorite part is having pretty candles at the table for dinner, and getting to blow them out when the meal is done!


Of course, please keep in mind that these lovely lanterns are made of paper and are quite flammable.  It goes without saying that paper lanterns should be used with caution, and please never leave lit lanterns unattended! Otherwise, enjoy a festive addition to your table during the holidays! We’re really loving ours…

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2 Responses to Getting festive: homemade paper star lanterns

  1. Shiko Nguru says:

    I love it! Homemade Christmas decorations are on our project list for this weekend! I might even try this complicated one out…we shall see!

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      They’re tricky, but if you just follow the instructions step by step, they’ll come out great! Let me know how you get on! 🙂

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