Check it out: our newest Little Film!

Little Films

Those of you who’ve been reading the blog for a while know that my friend Natasha made the most adorable Little Film of Claire a couple of years ago. Her films are a wonderful way to remember a moment in time when the kids are still young. Films capture things that photos just cannot – like your child’s giggles, they way they speak, and the way their smile spreads across their face when they see something wonderful. So special! Now that we’re a family of four, we wanted to do another Little Film to hold on to those fleeting moments…

We spent the morning walking at Oloolua Nature Trail in Karen, which is one of our favorite spots in Nairobi. We had a lovely time, hiking down to the waterfall, sitting by the stream at the bamboo thicket, and checking out the “narrow, gloomy cave,” as Heidi calls it. 🙂 (For any of you who’ve read “Going on a Bear Hunt,” you’ll understand! She is a bit obsessed with “narrow, gloomy caves!”)

As always, Natasha truly captured all the beautiful moments, many of which I didn’t even realize she was filming – Claire and I holding hands while walking, Jesse and Heidi watching a butterfly by the waterfall, a Hartlaub’s Turaco Claire spotted along the trail, and many many more. And my favorite part of the whole film might just be Heidi’s little butt wagging at the end, when we’re looking over the railing. Too adorable!

Thank you SO much, Natasha, for another beautiful family heirloom! We absolutely adore it! I know our whole family will be watching this one for years to come!

If you want to see our first Little Film of Claire, check it out! We still love it and watch it all the time!

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