Magna-Tiles: the best toy. Ever.


We got the kids the most amazing toy for Christmas – Magna-Tiles. They’re plastic tiles that come in different geometric shapes. All the tiles have a series of magnets around the border, so when you hold them next to each other, they snap into place and stay together. They’re like building blocks, but so much more. And the kids LOVE THEM.


Claire and Heidi play with these things every single day. Seriously. And they can play with them for ages. Even Jesse and I are happy to play with them for hours – they’re that fun. You can make castles, towers, flat shapes, three-dimensional shapes, rockets, pirate ships – you name it! We even started to play with them on the fridge, or on the metal grates on our windows.

IMG_6930 IMG_6835

Heidi can build some pretty impressive structures, despite the fact that she’s not yet two (and I think the recommended age is three and up). She mostly likes to build places for her stuffed animals to sit. Claire loves to build castles with with multiple levels, towers and spires.

IMG_7127 IMG_7136

We have the 100 piece set, and I’m seriously considering getting an add-on set that has a wheeled chassis you can use to build cars and a few other different pieces. The 100 piece set is awesome, but the girls do sometimes fight over pieces when building, and I think an extra set could be fun.


Apologies to all my Kenya readers, because Magna-Tiles aren’t available locally. (They’re also not cheap!) But if you have access to shopping in the US, I highly recommend a set of these for your kids! And if you don’t have access to US shopping, then keep your eyes peeled on the expat marketplace forums, because you never know – maybe someone will sell a set before they leave the country. I’ve never had a toy that my kids played with every single day for weeks and months on end. And I have a feeling they’ll be playing with these for years to come!

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  1. Hillary says:

    Sorry if this is a repeat question -but can you tell me where you bought that multicolored rug?

  2. Lucille says:

    My kids have these at school. I’d not seen them before, but man alive do they love them!! So good for their logic and maths skills.

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