Curly kids: piggyback braids for Heidi


We’ve been doing a lot of hair in our house lately! Both girls are really into braids at the moment, and I’m a big fan because it’s WAY less work for me at bath time, and it saves us all from the frustrations of daily detangling. This weekend I got creative and did some cute piggyback braids for Heidi. Piggyback braids are great, because they almost give the look of cornrows (though by their nature, they’re not quite as smooth or even as cornrows), but they’re much easier to do for beginners like me.


I’ve been curious whether Heidi’s hair was long enough to try cornrows, and whether she would have the patience to sit long enough to finish doing the style. Last week, when I stretched out her box braids, I realized that her hair is definitely long enough to try piggyback braids. And since I’ve never tried to braid cornrows, this seemed like a good first step!


Piggyback braids are basically box braids that feed into each subsequent box. First I parted Heidi’s hair into a row of boxes from the front of her head to the nape of her neck, using clips to keep the hair separated. I braided the first box, until it reached about the center of the next box. Then I divided the next box into two sections, and used the braid from the previous box as the third section. Now I had three sections of hair with which to continue braiding. This is why piggyback braids don’t look as smooth or even, because inevitably the braid from the previous box winds up slightly thicker and shorter than the two sections of the next box. But I still think it looks really cute!


This was a great exercise, because now I know that Heidi can sit through a longer braiding session (though I think this actually took less time than the box braids, because I was pretty methodical with the box parts this time!). I also think that I might be able to try cornrows sometime without being a total failure… 🙂 Now let’s see how long this style lasts before it gets fuzzy!

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