Happy Easter!

Happy Easter weekend! What are you doing for the long weekend? Staying home? Visiting family? Or heading out on the road? We’re off to the Coast, for our annual family Easter at the beach!

If you’re traveling this weekend, join me on Instagram and tag your photos #tembeakenya or #whyilovekenya. Let’s show the world what a wonderful place Kenya is! (Props to The Kenyan Camper for getting the word out!)

PS – Mama Mgeni is in the running for the African Blogger Awards. But there’s a catch! To be considered, I need 1,000+ Twitter followers. If you guys like what you see here, head over and follow me on Twitter to help me get closer to 1K followers! I’ll love you forever!

PPS- Notice the seating arrangements on our flight. Daddy is seated with BOTH kids, and I’m across the aisle by myself! Ha! 🙂

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