Transitioning from a cot to a toddler bed: how did you do it?


Heidi took us by surprise the other day when she jumped out of her cot by herself. She’s only two years old, but I have a feeling that having her contained in the cot won’t last much longer!

Claire transitioned from her cot to a toddler bed a few months after her second birthday. I was not AT ALL ready to move her to a bed, but I was pregnant with Heidi at the time and was advised against heavy lifting, which included picking Claire up out of her cot. So we had to say goodbye to the cot way earlier than I wanted to. I remember the first couple of times we put her to sleep in the toddler bed – she was out of bed, out of her room, coming downstairs within three minutes. I already hated the bed. I just wanted to let her sleep in her cot forever! But Claire wound up surprising me, and after a week or so of curtain calls, she learned to stay in her bed.


There is a part of me that wonders if switching to a big girl bed will make some of Heidi’s sleep issues go away. Maybe she’ll wake up in a better mood if she can just get out of bed when she wakes, instead of crying to be picked up from her cot. Maybe we’ll get more sleep if Claire and Heidi share a bedroom, and can entertain each other in the morning instead of waking us up before the sunrise. Or maybe things will get worse! Maybe we’ll start having bedtime drama where Heidi comes out of bed a dozen times and has to be brought back. I love that once she’s in her cot, she’s trapped there until we come get her. What if sleeping in a big girl bed will give her too much freedom and ruin what little down-time we have in the evenings?

When did your child switch from a cot to a bed? How did you manage the transition? What worked for you? Wish us luck!

PS – Sorry it’s been a quiet month around here! It’s good to be back! 🙂

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