A lovely morning in Karura Forest


Jesse has been out of town for work the past couple of weeks, and we’ve all really missed him. This was our first family weekend since Easter, and we spent it together, doing all the things we love! We headed up to Karura Forest for a family brunch and a nice walk in the woods.


River Cafe was always one of our favorite brunch spots in Nairobi. We were so sad when the old location closed! It reopened again in October of last year, yet somehow this was our first visit to the new site in Karura. It’s gorgeous! The restaurant is beautifully conceived, with a huge airy deck soaring out over the edge of the forest.It has a slightly more upmarket feel than the former location, but it’s still really comfy and casual. And, the view simply can’t be beat!

IMG_8577 IMG_8582

The food is still fantastic. Claire gobbled down her mini burger and chips, and Heidi devoured her chipolatas and eggs. I had the croque monsieur (YUM), and Jesse had his all time favorite: the kihanya special with ugali and sukuma wiki. We were all stuffed when we were done!

IMG_8585 IMG_8570

After we gorged ourselves on all the yum, we took a nice walk in Karura Forest. We decided to take the waterfall circuit, which is a loop about 3 kilometers long. The girls loved strolling along the shady paths, picking up sticks and looking at bugs. Heidi even spotted a leaf covered with about a gagillion baby grasshoppers. That child fears NOTHING.

IMG_8593 IMG_8610 IMG_8611 IMG_8615

It was such a wonderful way to spend the morning – strolling through the forest, watching our kids play, holding hands with my husband. We all miss him so much when he travels, but it’s always SO nice to have him home and settle right back in to our family groove.

What’s your favorite weekend activity in Nairobi?

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2 Responses to A lovely morning in Karura Forest

  1. Lovely post! And your images are great! For us favorite weekend activity is hanging out with the kid’s cousins -that’s always such mad fun for them -and for us too coz we get to catch up on one too many things 🙂

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      I agree! Having cousins or friends over to play is the best! It’s so easy – almost like having no children at all!

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