The easiest kids’ butterfly craft


It’s school holiday, and we’ve been working on keeping the kids busy and happy. I love getting the extra time with them both at home, but there are also moments when they’re fighting over nothing and making me crazy! We’ve been filling most of our days with playdates and visits. The other day we did this fun (and really easy!) craft with the girls – butterflies on a string!


All you need for this craft is some standard A4 paper, glue, something to decorate your butterflies with (we used watercolor paint, crayons, and chalk), some string, and bendy straws.


First, get your child to decorate a sheet of paper with whatever art supplies you decide to use. Make sure they color the paper from edge to edge, throughout! There should be no white paper showing. If they have painted the paper, set it out to dry.

IMG_8432 IMG_8433

When the paper is dry, fold the paper in half and glue the sides together, with the paint showing on the outside.


Fold the paper in half again, so you have a thin strip. Draw two butterfly wings on the folded paper, with the center part of the butterfly on the fold. Cut out the wings, through all layers of the paper.


For each butterfly, cut the end off a bendy straw, just above the bumpy part. To make feelers, cut down the center of the bumpy part. Bend the feelers outward.


Open the wings of the butterfly. Lay the straw on the fold, and cut off the bottom end of the straw that hangs below the bottom of your butterfly. Push a piece of string through the straw and knot it at the bottom. Glue the straw onto the center of your butterfly.


And voila! Some really lovely butterflies to decorate your windows during the grey rainy season! Claire and Heidi both loved making these butterflies. Claire’s favorite method was watercolor paints (we even sprinkled some salt on the wet watercolored paper to create a speckled look). Heidi preferred colored chalk (and preferred drawing on the table to drawing on the paper!)

We’ve been making lots of these over the past few weeks while school is out! 🙂

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