Life lessons in the village


Claire had a sleepover with her cousin at Jesse’s mother’s house in the village last week, and had a terrific time! She and her cousin are such close, wonderful friends – no matter how long it has been since they’ve seen each other, they instantly bond and it’s like not a day has passed. We wish they could spend more time together!


They had so much fun playing at Cucu’s house. Claire’s favorite activity of the weekend was carrying fresh eggs back to the hen, who had started showing signs of roosting. The girls each carefully placed the eggs in the hen’s nest, while Cucu placed the hen on top so she could sit on the eggs until they hatched. Claire was delighted!


The girls also got to spend some quality time with Mitu, Jesse’s grandmother. Mitu is 87 years old, and still has the brightest, warmest smile. She loves to regale us with her favorite bible stories, and be regaled with stories of flying in airplanes and visiting foreign countries. Our girls are so lucky to have so many generations of relatives who love and cherish them!


Other highlights of the weekend included eating fresh passion fruit, picked from Cucu’s vines, chasing the ducks and geese around Cucu’s garden, and talking a walk to Uncle Reuben’s house. Claire made me laugh when she said, “Mommy, it was SUCH A LONG WALK to Uncle Reuben’s House!” Her cousin interjected, “What? It wasn’t long! It wasn’t even as far as the walk to the market!”


In our house, we live a life that falls somewhere between typical expat and typical Kenyan. It’s important to us that our girls know the traditional Kenyan way of life, and visits to the village help our girls to better understand the aspects of Kenyan culture that they don’t experience every day at home. We love that!

Do your kids visit grandparents during school holidays? What do you love most about these visits?

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  1. Gitau Reuben says:

    Amazing lessons

  2. ana says:

    Maitu not ‘mitu’. Must have been a great experience!

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Thanks for the correction, I will correct it in the post! I will have a word with my husband for not correcting me!!!!

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