Earth Day in Kenya


This weekend was Earth Day, and we celebrated by going for a long walk in Karura Forest, hosted by Kenyan Instagrammers as part of a Worldwide InstaMeet. Worldwide InstaMeets are events where tens of thousands of photographers (both amateurs and pros) all over the world come together to explore and take photos together. The theme for the day was Life on Earth, in celebration of Earth Day.


We took the girls, who love an excuse to put on their gumboots and get muddy outdoors. We came across loads of photographers and Instagrammers capturing the beauty of Karura Forest in photos. I knew some of my favorites would be there: Trevor Maingi (aka The_Mentalyst), Mutua Matheka (aka truthslinger), and Samir Dave (aka SamDave69). It’s so strange, walking around amongst strangers, but knowing that people you truly admire are wandering nearby. It turns out that I actually spoke with Trevor Maingi (who took some photos of Claire shaking raindrops out of a tree), but I had no idea it was him! A brief brush with someone who truly inspires me!


We spent the entire morning walking through the forest, hopping over rivers of safari ants, and picking up the occasional stray plastic bottle or bit of trash. We happened upon a couple of Karura forest rangers, who thanked Claire for collecting litter and being such a good friend of the forest. They let us in on a little tip – if you collect trash while you’re walking through the forest and bring it to the gate when you leave, you can get free entry next time you visit!


We love spending time with the girls outdoors, and Karura is definitely our new favorite spot for getting outside on the weekends, even when it’s rainy and muddy! I was so excited when I heard that the Worldwide InstaMeet would be hosted at Karura, giving me a chance to meet and interact with Kenyans I’ve only “met” through social media.


If you would like to see more photos from the Worldwide InstaMeet, you can check out my Instagram feed and hashtags #WWIM13, #LifeOnEarthWWIM13, #LetsGoGreen_Nai, #IGKenya, and #IGersNairobi.


Karura Forest plays a massive role in protecting the Nairobi ecosystem. The late Wangari Maathai championed the protection of the forest, and now it’s the largest gazetted forest in Nairobi. We are so lucky to have a forest like Karura in the middle of the city! Happy Earth Day, everyone!

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