Jesse’s blog takeover: A tribute to moms


You guys are in for a big treat today! My lovely husband, Jesse, has decided he wanted to do a guest post in honor of Mother’s Day. I’m so intrigued! He was very secretive about the whole thing, and I had to promise I wouldn’t read it until it publishes. So here goes! Take it away, Jesse!

Mother – the Merriam Webster dictionary defines the term mother as a female parent while the free dictionary defines a mother as a woman who gives birth to a child. Both of these definitions I find as gross understatements of what really a mother is and I dare suggest an injustice to all mothers out there. For one, there are plenty of mothers out there who are not biological parents of their children and secondly I don’t think that the term mother can be defined in a single sentence.


Now I will not pretend to be able to articulate what a mother really is or does but I have the privilege of knowing two amazing mothers in my life (my mum and Tara) and I will attempt to summarize some of the qualities that make them really special in no particular order.

Patient – mothers put a whole new meaning to the word patient. For 9 long excruciating months (for Tara that was 9 months plus 12 days) they watch their bellies grow, feel every kick, get sick, have uncomfortable sleep, all taken in stride as they wait to hold their little ones when they are finally born. It doesn’t end there, they watch us learn to eat, poop and walk and are always there to catch us when we stumble trying to take our first steps and mumble our first words. It is no wonder that for most of us our first words were “mama” although for both of our girls it was “taa” but I digress. I could go on and on about how mums lovingly wait for their kids to finish their tantrums (sometimes against them) only to give them hugs and how they patiently helped us with our homework but you get the picture…


Loving – the love a mother has for her children would probably be best explained by a mother but having observed Tara around our girls, it is quite evident that the love she has for them knows no bounds. Despite them driving Tara up the walls with their shenanigans and cheekiness, there is always an “I love you so much Claire/Heidi” around the corner. I do not have very vivid memories of my mum doting on me probably because I was a first born in a family of four or the fact that in the Kenyan culture, we don’t really verbalize some of these things, but looking back there are plenty of things that she did that spoke louder than any words she could have said.

Selfless – thinking back to my childhood, no word describes my mum better than this. The number of times that she went without lunch so she could save that extra coin to pay our school fees or buy us that ‘new’ (from Gikomba) pair of shoes are countless. This I am sure is a story repeated in many a homes in Kenya so by no means unique but worth mentioning here. I am sure many Kenyans can relate to their mum coming home with donuts wrapped in serviettes from the workshop that their mums happened to be attending. No wonder the mama bear’s porridge is cold in the classic Goldilocks and The Three Bears…


There are plenty more adjectives that I could use to describe the two mothers in my life including beautiful, amazing, superhuman, supporting, precious, accepting, appreciative, inspiring and the list goes on and on. Here’s to making everyday a mother’s day and to taking a minute each day to appreciate the mothers in our lives.

Thank you, Tara, for sharing your space…

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  1. Kate says:

    Perfectly said.
    Thank you Jessie, Tara and family

  2. Rhoda says:

    So sweet!! Good on you for appreciating the mothers in your life.

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