The Jungle Book, a musical safari


We took the girls to see The Jungle Book at the Oshwal Centre this weekend, and they loved it! The production was impressive, with a live band, a live drum group, and all kinds of high-tech stage effects. I’ll admit, there were parts that were a little scary and loud, but both girls really enjoyed it.


Claire’s favorite Jungle Book character was Shere Khan, the tiger (even though he roared VERY VERY loud). I loved Kaa the snake. His costume, body paint, and the gigantic snake puppet were incredible! The actor was amazing, being raised and lowered off the stage by cables, and moving the enormous snake in undulating waves. He hissed and sang “trust in meeeee!” I loved him!


We read the Rudyard Kipling’s children’s classic, The Jungle Book, with Claire last year. Now that we’ve seen the musical, I want to get a copy of the Disney classic to watch sometime! The music is so much fun. Claire and Heidi have both been singing, “Bare Necessities” since we saw the show. (This is the first time in weeks that the girls have moved on from Tinga Tinga songs!)

IMG_9207 IMG_9211

We’ve been so lucky lately, being able to treat the girls to family-friendly arts in Kenya – including the Nutcracker, Tinga Tinga Tales the Musical, and now The Jungle Book. I really hope this trend continues, and that more plays and musicals are produced locally. We will continue to support the arts in Kenya, as long as there are family-friendly productions like this one available for us to see!


Did you guys catch The Jungle Book? 

PS – I want to say thank you to all of you for the incredible support and love you shared after last week’s post about Heidi’s sleep issues. You are all wonderful, and I’m so happy to have such an incredibly warm group of people supporting me!

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2 Responses to The Jungle Book, a musical safari

  1. KRT Mama says:

    That’s brilliant! Our kids love love love Jungle Book. Definitely get the digitally remastered original from iTunes. Has been worth every penny of the $25 we spent. How long is this production running for? We’re due to arrive in Nairobi early June and i’m sure it would be an absolute treat for them. Love your blog BTW ^-^.

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Thanks so much! I definitely balked at the price of The Jungle Book Disney movie on iTunes – maybe I’ll reconsider… 🙂 Unfortunately, the production was just for one weekend, but I’ll keep an eye out for other fun events in June!

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