A birthday BBQ for Jesse


Jesse’s birthday was last week, and we celebrated with a big barbecue at our place! We totally lucked out with the weather (phew!) and had a fantastic party with loads of great friends and family, and plenty of food and drink. I got Jesse a new BBQ grill from Cookswell for the party, and we put it to good use!

We had tons of kuku choma (grilled chicken) and sausages, and Jesse also grilled up an incredible beef tenderloin that he marinated the night before. Everyone was talking about the beef, and how delicious, juicy and tender it was! We had two BBQs fired up to keep the food coming (our neighbors have the exact same model!).


The Cookswell grill is SO well-designed – Jesse really enjoyed cooking on it, and showing it off to all of his buddies. All the guys were hovering around the grill all day, checking out all the cool features… Jesse loves the angled, v-shaped grills that allow fat to run off into the attached drip-tray, instead of dripping onto the fire and dangerously flaring up. He also loves that the charcoal is held in two heavy ceramic liners, which insulate the charcoal and make the BBQ super efficient. I loved the attached table on the side of the grill, which folds down for easy storage. Cookswell also hooked us up with some high quality, efficient charcoal and some incredibly handy starters (really fat, squat matches that burn for like 10 minutes) to get the coal burning.


After all the nyama choma had been consumed, we brought out the birthday cake. I swear, it was like a feeding frenzy with all the kids. I’ve never seen a sheet cake disappear that fast! There were children coming back to ask for seconds before I even finished serving the people who hadn’t yet had a piece… 🙂

We had such a great party – Jesse is most happy when he’s entertaining a crowd, keeping everyone well fed and with a drink in their hand. I think he’d throw a big BBQ once or twice a month, if he could! We’re looking forward to getting some great mileage out of our new grill! Thanks to Cookswell for giving us a great deal on our new BBQ – we love it!


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2 Responses to A birthday BBQ for Jesse

  1. Anne says:

    What a laid back and wonderful way to celebrate a special someone’s birthday. Thanks for sharing. I’d love to throw a birthday BBQ for my husband this summer. Just curious- how many guests did you have ? Any BBQ party planning checklist ?

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      I think we had about 30 people, including kids! As for planning, my main objective was having enough food and drinks (always tough to estimate). We asked some friends to bring side dishes, which helped! And don’t forget paper plates, cutlery, cups and napkins – I always forget until the last second! 🙂

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