Camping in Ngare Ndare Forest


We went camping a few weeks back in Ngare Ndare Forest, which lies north of Nanyuki, between Borana and Lewa conservancies. I was so busy writing about the rain, that I never got around to writing about how wonderful Ngare Ndare is!


It’s such an easy drive, less than an hour past Nanyuki. We hit a few flooded areas and had some fun sidewinding through the mud. (Jesse had fun, I was thinking about how to handle flooding in our tent and planning to pitch camp up off the ground!)

IMG_7891 IMG_7937

Luckily, the rain didn’t keep us from having an incredible weekend. We took tons of walks, letting the kids poke around and ask questions about everything around them. We found beautiful, delicate little mushrooms growing in a pile of elephant dung, trees covered in moss that the rangers told us is called “Old Man’s Beard,” and several bones of long gone game.

IMG_7886 IMG_7898 IMG_7887

We did some great tracking as well, spotting tracks from hyena, genet, and a lone elephant who had apparently passed about a half hour earlier. I was so looking forward to seeing the beautiful forest elephants, but unfortunately they kept themselves hidden.

IMG_7892 IMG_7894 IMG_7913 IMG_7901 IMG_7921 IMG_7923

The canopy walk, which was just a few minutes walk from our campsite, was incredible. And terrifying. Claire just busted on up there, 30 metersĀ up in the air, and started making her way across the wire and mesh canopy bridge. My brave girl! I was terrified. Shaking in my boots. Go ahead, ask me if I made it across… šŸ˜‰ The walk ends at a beautiful platform with incredible views. (This is the spot I had intended to pitch our tents, if there was flooding!)

IMG_7882 IMG_7941 IMG_9033

I was so keen to see the spectacular crystal pools that form in and around Ngare Ndare Forest, but I was sad to hear from our ranger that the road leading in the direction of the pools was un-passable and too far to reach on foot with the kids. Another reason to come back during the dry season!

IMG_7905 IMG_7890

If you want to learn more about camping in Ngare Ndare Forest, I highly recommend checking out these posts by The Kenyan Camper and Harri Travels. And please make a plan to go seeĀ this amazing place out for yourself!

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