Tea time: a break from chaos


I’ve been having tea time with Claire and Heidi a lot lately. My mom brought the girls their own tea pot and tea cups a few months back, and we’ve been making use of them almost weekly! What used to be a special treat at Nonnie’s house, is now something we do at home, just for fun, whenever we like.


It’s so nice to do something quiet and simple with the girls in the afternoon. So much of our day is hectic – rushing to school, trying to get errands done, tidying up the toys, trying to get dinner on the table – it’s really lovely to just sit down and enjoy a civilized cuppa together. With so much chaos in our lives, tea time is the perfect way to take a break from the madness.


Claire and Heidi love to take part in the tea time ritual, and they especially love to serve their own milk and sugar. (I have to watch Claire like a hawk – when my back is turned she’ll put a ton of sugar in that tiny teacup!) Their favorite tea at the moment is apple cinnamon, which makes the house smell like apple pie!


As fellow blogger Samoina once said, “life’s most beautiful moments, are, more often than not, in the simple, the seemingly mundane!” Here’s to tea time, and more simple, beautiful moments…

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2 Responses to Tea time: a break from chaos

  1. farah says:

    guess what? i was web searching for starfish place at Mombasa coast to visit on one of the long weekends following the festive breaks…
    and whoa,ended up reading your writes.Your simple presentation of the day to day life challenges has so much of charm.
    Loved your blogs!though managed to read few only but immensely enjoyed .Myself, a mum of two and an expat in Mombasa for 6 yrs now.
    ‘(I have to watch Claire like a hawk – when my back is turned she’ll put a ton of sugar in that tiny teacup!) ‘ ha ha ha! I so much share the mum’s hawk watch sentiment, and mind you the habit’ll grow worse with passing years,as none of my tricks worked with my boy who is 13 now and when i watch him adding sugar to his cuppa…i wonder if he’s adding sugar in milk or vice versa.
    would love to connect with you.
    Happy Blogging!

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Thanks so much for your lovely comment, Farah! It always makes me so happy to read messages from readers like you. I’m so glad you’re enjoying the blog… 🙂

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