Alone time in Karura Forest…


I’ve been heading up to Karura Forest a few mornings per week to have a long walk – by myself! Now that Heidi is in school 3 mornings per week, I have a bit more time to do things alone, and to spend some time focusing on myself. This is a luxury I haven’t had in a very long time! I’ve been taking advantage of these solo hours going for long walks in the woods.

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Karura Forest has always been a family spot for me, so it has been really interesting to go by myself in the mornings. It’s incredible how much faster you can walk without kids! I’ve covered a lot of ground, and have been able to check out some circuits and spots in the forest that it has been impossible to get to with the children. It’s so nice to be alone in the forest! Sometimes I pop in my earbuds and listen to an audiobook while I walk. Sometimes I just meditate while I walk, listening to the birds, monkeys and sounds of the forest.

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One spot I’ve loved visiting has been the waterfall circuit. We never make it all the way to the big waterfall with the kids – we always have to make our way back before we reach it, knowing the kids will start to get hungry or tired. The waterfall is incredible! It’s spectacular, and I love the winding walk along the riverbed, checking out all the beautiful trees and vines. The caves are also really impressive, and way bigger than I had imagined!

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I’ve really enjoyed taking time for myself, walking in the forest. Alone time is something I haven’t had much of since becoming a mother, and I’m really making taking some time for me these days. Karura Forest is the perfect spot to go for a walk, enjoy the solitude, and focus on myself for an hour or so.

What do you do to focus on yourself and recharge?

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4 Responses to Alone time in Karura Forest…

  1. Ami says:

    Thanks sana for sharing! I think I will be heading on over there every so oftten coz Its close enough.

  2. Angie says:

    Been there, such a great place to hang out. Will take my twin girls once the clock an year or so

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      If you had just one, I’d say go now with a baby carrier! But yes, maybe better to go with the littles when they can walk… 🙂

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