5 reasons to play board games with your kids


Claire loves playing board games! As she gets older, she understands board games more and more, and can play simple games without help from us. Here are my top 5 reasons why we play board games with our kids!

  1. Bonding. Playing games with Claire gives us a chance for quality time together in a way that reading books doesn’t. We truly love reading with our kids, but board games give us a chance for interaction, conversation, and laughter. As they say, a family that plays together stays together!
  2. Taking turns. Board games teach kids that everyone gets a turn, and that if you wait, your turn will come. This was pretty hard for Claire to understand a couple of years ago, but she really gets it now!
  3. Actions and consequences. Playing board games can help develop an understanding about taking risks, and the consequences of certain actions. We hope this will translate into a real-world understanding of consequences!
  4. Being a good sport. No one likes a sore loser—or a sore winner, for that matter! Claire used to get pretty upset if she didn’t win, but I’m amazed at how she has learned to enjoy playing the game, win or lose. We tried to set a good example, showing that we could lose and still have fun.
  5. Reducing screen time. As our kids get older, fighting against the ever-present screens will be harder and harder. Screen time can come in handy at times, but playing games together can provide important face-to-face interaction that all families need.

Jesse and I love board games, and we think they’re a great way for us  to spend quality time with our kids. Memory, Snakes and Ladders, and Candy Land are some of our favorite games that are great for young kids. We’d also love to branch out into more complex games as the kids get older and are better able to understand strategy!

Do you play board games with your kids? What are your favorites?

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