Travelling with Toddlers – Roasted Montreal


I’m over at Roasted Montreal today, writing about what it’s like to travel with kids in Kenya. I was so excited when Michelle contacted me about her summer series featuring parents traveling with their kids all over the world! It’s a wonderful series, featuring families in Tanzania, China, Colombia, Japan, Brazil, Bali and more! Do check it out.


Click through to read about some of our favorite off-the-beaten path destinations, great places to eat outside Nairobi, and my top tip for how to see some of the most amazing spots Kenya has to offer.

My greatest hope is that people who may have dreamed of traveling to Kenya might read about our travels and decide it make it a reality! #TembeaKenya


Thanks, Michelle!

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  1. mwangi maina says:

    Excellent article and very helpful even for a Nairobian. Thanks Tara.

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