Who is your parenting guru?

parenting guru

Do you have a parenting guru? Someone you go to with all your questions every time your child reaches a new stage? When Claire was an infant, starting to go through the many milestones of her young life, I always sought answers from my own mom (of course), but it was also really great to have friends with kids just a bit older than mine, who have gone through all those milestones recently. For me, those parents were my friend Lindsay and her husband Leith. Their son was about a year and a half older than Claire, and it was so great being able to ask them how they handled breastfeeding, sleep issues, teething, potty training, and all the other wonderful and scary milestones our babies go through. Lindsay and Leith are also just super cool, easy-going parents. I really admire them!

parenting guru

When Claire got her first loose tooth this weekend, Lindsay was among the first people I told. I wanted to know how much the tooth fairy pays in their house! And lo, in this case, it turned out Claire was passing a milestone before her son did! So maybe I can finally return the parenting favor one day down the road… 🙂

parenting guru

This all made me think about how important and helpful it is to have some parenting gurus in your life. Having friends like this can help you find strength when you’re feeling overwhelmed, and can help you understand that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel when you’re in the trenches. They can give you confidence as a new parent, and even as a veteran parent going through unfamiliar territory.

So here’s to all of our parenting gurus, who have supported us, answered our questions, and helped us through all the hard times (and the fun ones!). Thank you, Lindsay and Leith, for being my parenting gurus!

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3 Responses to Who is your parenting guru?

  1. Lindsay Baker says:

    Thanks, Tara! It is so good to be in this parenting thing together. I am sure you will be my parenting guru on all things girls…when the boys hit a certain age!

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      I fully agree, it has been wonderful being in this parenting thing together! Thanks for always being there for us, every step of the way!

  2. Nats says:

    Such a sweet article! Without a parenting guru, this is just a hard, hard gig.

    Lindsay was a Mama Goddess in Nairobi – her First Aid course for nannies was amazing and she has saved many a friend with her breastfeeding support.

    Tara – you are definitely in the parenting guru realm. I love your attitude towards being a mum, and life generally.

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