Anxiety, a lost tooth, and the tooth fairy


As you guys know, Claire had her first loose tooth a few weeks back. Shockingly, the tooth took almost 2 weeks to finally fall out! Claire was very careful with the tooth, afraid of potentially swallowing it and losing the chance to leave the tooth under her pillow for the tooth fairy to collect.

The last few days before her tooth finally came out, it was literally hanging by a thread. When she opened her mouth, the tooth would kind of hang forward, like some kind of snaggletooth. She was surprisingly weepy at the thought of losing the tooth, and didn’t want to play with it too much.

Her tooth finally came out on Friday morning, while eating a piece of toast. Claire was really excited, and enjoyed showing off her new toothless grin. She and her friend Bailey spent the entire day talking about the tooth fairy, how she knows when a child has left a tooth for her, and what she might leave in exchange. But Friday night, when it came time to put her tooth under her pillow, Claire burst into tears. She was too sad, and didn’t want to give up the tooth. I told her there was no rush, and I put the tooth in a safe place for her until she was ready.

Last night, Claire finally decided she was ready to give up the tooth, and placed it under her pillow when she went to sleep. (Incidentally, I hear the tooth fairy will bring a shiny 40 bob coin and a chocolate coin as well. I think the chocolate will excite her more than the money!)

I never really thought about losing a tooth as a sentimental thing, but this has been a very emotional experience for Claire. I don’t want to overthink it, but I do wonder just what she’s been feeling. Is she feeling nostalgic because it was a part of her body that is no longer part of her? Does the tooth represent the swift passage of childhood? Or does she just want her tooth and the tooth fairy loot too? 🙂

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3 Responses to Anxiety, a lost tooth, and the tooth fairy

  1. Angela says:

    Woow what i read…

  2. Mama Ariya says:

    My daughter is six already and she has not yet lost her milk teeth..not even one!!I used to give her lots of calcium when she was younger and now am getting worried…I think she is also worried since all her friends have lost at least one!

    • Mama Mgeni says:

      Don’t worry, it’s normal! I know lots of 6 year olds who haven’t lost any teeth yet. It will happen when it happens… 🙂

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