Jokes that make my 5 year old laugh


This summer, Claire started to really appreciate jokes. We went to the beach with my best friend and her family, and her son, Tommy, LOVES to tell jokes. Claire couldn’t get enough! Her ability to craft her own joke needs some… work. Most of them start with “Why did the chicken…” and end with a punchline that doesn’t totally make sense. But telling jokes is a skill, and she’s working on it. 😉

I have never been much of a joke-teller myself, so I had to look up some good ones to share with Claire. Here are a few of her favorites (she loves knock knock jokes!):

Q: How do you make a tissue dance?
A: You put a little boogie in it.

Knock, knock.
-Who’s there?
Owls say.
-Owls say who?

Why did the girl smear peanut butter on the road?
To go with the traffic jam!

Knock, knock.
-Who’s there?
Interrupting, squawking parrot.
-Interrupting, squawking parr-

After many years in jail, a prisoner is finally released.
He runs around yelling, “I’m free! I’m free!”
A little kid walks up to him and says, “So what? I’m 4.”

Knock, knock.
-Who’s there?
-Tick who?
Tick ’em up, I’m a tongue-tied wobber!

Why did half the chicken cross the road?
To get to his other side!

Knock, knock.
-Who’s there?
-Lettuce who?
Lettuce in, it’s freezing out here!

What are your favorite jokes?

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3 Responses to Jokes that make my 5 year old laugh

  1. Tess says:

    Ha! I will try these one ones out.Saoirse’s current favourite:
    Why should you never give Elsa a balloon?
    Because she’ll LET IT GO!

  2. Sandi Strohman says:

    Knock, knock. Who’s there? A cow says… A cow says who? No, silly. A cow says MOO!
    (PS…not original. I had to find some as it has been a really long time since I shared knock knock jokes. 😉 )

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