My daughter’s quirky bedtime habits

bedtime habits

As you all know, Heidi’s sleep has never been easy. Thankfully, things greatly improved earlier this year when we finally broke down and hired a sleep consultant! (We got our lives back – seriously.) But Heidi is still Heidi, and she still has some peculiar bedtime habits.

Starting a few months back, she started keeping ALL of her stuffed animals in her bed. I am talking about dozens of toys. There was hardly room for Heidi in the bed! But that’s what she wanted, and we didn’t really see any problem with it. It didn’t delay bedtime, and it didn’t disturb her sleep, so we let her have the toys in bed.

These days, she still starts with all of her toys in her bed, but after a few minutes, she quietly opens her door, and throws out half of her toys into the hallway. Then she closes her door, and goes back to bed. When we come up the stairs, we find a pile of stuffed animals on the floor just outside her door, relegated to the hallway for the night.

Each night, she kicks out different toys. Sometimes it’s her favorites, like Sock Monkey and Curious George. Other nights, she throws out lesser-known toys, like the small bunny, or the generic teddy bear. But each night, a pile of toys gets banished.

One night, when she was suffering with a cold and runny nose, I tried to put a few tissues in her bed with her. She insisted she didn’t need one, but I secretly tucked it under her pillow anyway. A few minutes after she went to bed, I heard her door slam. She had thrown the tissues on the floor outside her door, as if to say, “Mommy, I SAID I didn’t NEED tissues!”

Kids be kids, right? What funny bedtime habits do your kids have?

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