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Funny stuff my kids say

Do your kids make you laugh with the funny stuff they say? Heidi has been getting more and more chatty lately, and has been surprising us with her observations. Meanwhile, Claire seems to be getting more grown up every day. Here are a few funnies they’ve said recently, plus a great blast-from-the-past from Claire…

Claire: Mommy, who will teach me to drive when I get older?
Me: Probably Daddy, because he’s more relaxed than I am.
Claire: What do you mean? You’re relaxed! All you want to do is relax all the time!”

Heidi: When we went camping, we saw a big big rock.
Me: We did?
Heidi: Yeah. It was Mount Kenya.

Claire: Did you know that Amaris thinks I’m not her elder because we’re both 5? Well I turned five two weeks earlier than her! I’m definitely her elder!

Heidi: What’s your favorite vegetable?
Me: Broccoli. What’s yours?
Heidi: Ummm, watermelon.

Claire (singing): …Sitting in a tree, Q-R-S-S-I-N-G! Hey, Mommy! ‘Kissing’ is spelled the same as the alphabet song!

Heidi (singing): Awimboway, awimboway! Na na na, the monkey’s uncle! The lion sleeps tonight!

Claire: Just to let you know, Kayla and I were talking, and she asked me to go to Germany.
Me: Ok, and…?
Claire: So can we go to Germany?

Heidi: You have boobs! (Maniacal laugh) I have nibbles! Just like Daddy’s nibbles! And you have nibbles, too! NIBBBBBLLLLLLEEEESSSSS!

And here’s a great memory from Claire that popped up in my social media feed the other day:

Claire (3.5 YO): Mommy, this is stuck…
Mommy, this is stuck…
Me: Okay, okay!
Claire: How many times do I have to say that?!?
Me: …….

These girls can always make me laugh! What gems have your kids come up with recently?

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